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Female journalists appear in the following films, television and radio programs, novels and short stories, plays, cartoons, comic books, comic strips, art works, songs, games and commercials. Some are newshawks who act more like detectives than journalists. Others are investigative reporters, editors, publishers, columnists, foreign and war correspondents, cubs, critics, photojournalists, sportswriters, freelance journalists, urban and country newspaperwomen, or anonymous reporters shouting out questions. Also included are public relations practitioners and press agents. Some are central characters. Others make a brief appearance and then disappear forever. Many are simply part of a pack of anonymous reporters who show up for a press conference or a news report. All leave impressions in the minds of the audience.

This is as complete a list of female journalists in films, TV and radio programs and fiction as ever compiled, but as with any such endeavor, there may be errors and omissions. Please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to correct any errors or add any items that are not included. Your help is appreciated.

For details on any of these items as well as copies of films, TV and radio programs, and fiction that are not commercially available, please consult the IJPC Database© available exclusively to IJPC members.


Categories appear in the following order:

M - Movies is the Default Category - Anything without any other designation is M. This designation includes theatrical films, made-for television movies, and TV miniseries. It also includes purely foreign titles.

T - Television includes TV series followed by specific episodes of TV series. It also includes purely foreign titles.

R - Radio includes radio series followed by specific episodes of radio series.

F - Fiction includes novels, short stories, plays (including musicals), juvenile books, sketches,
fictional characters and poetry.

C - Cartoons
CB - Comic Books
CS - Comic Strips
CC - Commercials
D - Documentaries, News, Non-Fiction
G - Games
S - Songs
A - Art

Note: Some television programs and series of novels usually are listed under the year they first appeared and may not appear under subsequent years. For example, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update appears under 1975, Life with Bonnie under 2000, Hollis Ball and Sam Wescott Mysteries under 1996, Connor Westphal Mysteries under 1997, and so on.


Joe Saltzman and the IJPC©2003

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up
35 Aside
Almost Golden: Jessica Savitch Story, The
Amanda and the Alien
American President, The
Android Affair, The
Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy
Apollo 13
Barbara Broadcast
Batman Forever
Before the Rain (Po Dezju)
Between Love and Honor
Billy Madison
Boy Called Hate, A
Brady Bunch Movie, The
Broadcast Bombshells
Burnzy's Last Call
Cagney & Lacey: Together Again
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh
Child Is Missing, A
Choir, The
Codename Silencer
Codigos de silencio
Command & Conquer
Compelling Evidence
Condition Red
Cyber Tracker 2
D.O.A. - Dead on Arrival
Darabokra szaggattatol
Dark Dancer, The
Dead Man Walking
Dead Weekend
Deadlocked: Escape From Zone 14
Death in Small Doses
Death Machine
Degree of Guilt
Destination Vegas
Dolores Claiborne
Down Came a Blackbird
Enfant d'eau, L'
Entfuhrung aus der Lindenstrabe
Entre Rojas
Falling for You
Falling From The Sky: Flight 174
Fantom asz, A
Fast Company
Feminine Touch, The (aka November Conspiracy, The)
Final Cut, The
Final Goal, The
Fight for Justic: Nancy Conn Story, The
Flower of My Secret, The (La Flor de mi Secreto)
Frankie Starlight
Free Willy 2: Adventure Home, The
Full Throttle
Girls of Radio: Talk, Radio and Shock
Give a Damn Again
Haine, La
Heads or Tails
Heidi Chronicles, The
High Risk (aka Shu dan long wei)
Huan le shi guang
In Pursuit of Honor
Indictment: McMartin Trial, The
Invaders, The
Jack Reed: One of Our Own
Jerky Boys, The
Jury Duty
Jushi shengun
Just Cause
Lotto Land
Magic in the Water
Marked Man
Midnight Man
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Movie, The
Mina Tannenbaum
Murdered Innocence
My Brother's Keeper
Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge
Net, The
Neurosia - 50 Jahre pervers (aka Neurosia -- Fifty Years of Pervsion.
Neurosia - Who Shot Rosa von Praunheim)
Never Say Die
Night Hunter
Night Watch
No te duermas
No Way Back
Noe beroligende
Not Our Son
Number One Fan
Nur uber meine Leiche
O.J. Simpson Story, The
Out of Annie's Past
Paris Was a Woman
Politician's Wife, The
Power of Attorney
Power Within
Prelude to Independence: Stamp Act Crisis, Ther
Psycho Sisters
Return of Hunter, The
Scanner Cop II
Senior Trip
Serial Killer
Seven (Se7en)
Sex Penitentiary
She Stood Alone: Tailhook Scandal, The
Shu dan long wei
Signs and Wonders
Sketch Artist II: Hands That Seef
Sleepstalker: Sandman's Last Rites, The
Soldier Boyz
Soul Survivor
Stolen Innocence
Strange Days
Tales from the Hood
Terminal Justice
Terminal Rush
Theodore Rex
To Die For
To the Limit
Tommy Boy
Trois freres, Les
Under the Hula Moon
War Stories
Way to Dusty Death, The
Wharf Rat, The
Where's the Money, Noreen?
White Man's Burden
Witchboard III: Possession, The
Bonnie Hunt Show, The (1995-1996) (T)
Central Park West (1995-1996) (T)
Hudson Street (1995-1996) (T)
Leche (1995) (T)
Naked Truth, The (1995-1998) (T)
Ned and Stacey (1995-1997) (T)
New York News (1995) (T)
Newsradio (1995-1999) (T)
Te Karere (1982-2003) (T)
Crime Story: "Moulin Rouge" (T)
Home Improvement: "Eye on Tim" (T)
Murder She Wrote: "Dead Deadly" (T)
Nanny, The: “Oy Vey, You’re Gay” (T)
Touched by an Angel: “Interview With an Angel” (T)
Touched by an Angel: "Sins of the Father" (T)
Touched by an Angel: "Tough Love" (T)
Air That Kills, An (F)
Angel’s Aura (F)
Archangel: Novel, A (F)
Bad Manners (F)
Between Men: Novel, A (F)
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (F)
Dead on Arrival: Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Super Mystery, A (F)
Deadly Obsession (F)
Death Crosses the Border (F)
Death of a Postmodernist (F)
Dreams of Innocence (F)
Dying Fall (F)
Eveless Eden (F)
Fast Courting (F)
Finding You (F)
Fiction, Fact and Murder (F)
For Every Evil (F)
Hanging Up (F)
Hard News (F)
Hidden Meanings: Nancy Drew Files, The #110 (F)
Jerry Knight and Jane Day Mysteries (1995-1998) (F)
Jetlag: Novel, A (F)
Kate Murray Mysteries (1995-1996) (F)
Keeper of the Mill (F)
Last Debate, The: Novel of Politics and Journalism, A (F)
Let Me Call You Sweetheart (F)
Loner, The (F)
Love and Shade (F)
Lovely Country, A (F)
Loving Edith (F)
Lydia Miller Mysteries (1995-1996) (F)
Magnates, The (F)
Mature Woman (F)
Maybe This Time (F)
Murder, My Suite (F)
Murder in the Marketplace (F)
Naked in Death (F)
Natalie Gold (1995-1998) (F)
Night Games (F)
Night Passage (F)
Nightwatch (F)
Painted Leaves (F)
Palm Beach Story, The (F)
Persian Pickle Club, The (F)
Reluctant Hunk, The (F)
Rockabilly Hell (F)
Sasha's Trick (F)
Secrets of the Gathering Darkness: Sequel to Sedona Storm (F)
Shadow of the Wolf (F)
Shadow People (F)
Shaman Sings, The (F)
Singled Out: Novel of Suspense, A (F)
Storm Front (F)
Strangehold (F)
Summertime News (F)
Sydney, Invincible (F)
Topping From Below (F)
True Colors (F)
Unleashed (F)
Va McCall, Ace Reporter (F)
Weatherman, The (F)
Whatever Comes (F)
White Angel (F)
Your Name Here (F)
Hilly Rose (Heartbreak News, Chapters 1-7) (1995-1996) (CB)
Dig, The (G)
Wing Commander IV: Price of Freedom, The (G)

Aatamin poika
Abfallprodukte der Liebe - Poussieres d'amour
Alfred Packer: Musical, The
All She Ever Wanted
Apollo 11
Arranged Marriage
Arrival, The
Assassination File, The
Associate, The
Bad Moon
Beast, The
Beavis and Butt-head Do America
Birdcage, The
Black Scorpion II: Aftershock
Black Sheep
Bloodhounds II
Box of Moon Light
Cable Guy, The
Cagney & Lacey: True Convictions
Cape, The
Clara Hakedosha
Color Me Perfect
Como Nascem os Anjos
Chain Reaction
Chamber, The
Children of the Revolution
Cible, La
City Hall
Closer and Closer
Clubhouse Detectives
Como Nascem os Anjos
Cosas que nunca te dije
Crossing the Floor
Da tenshi gakuen
Danger Zone
Dangerous Offender: Marlene Moore Story, The
Darkman II: Return of Durant, The
Darkman III: Die Darkman Die
Dating the Enemy
Dead Man's Island
Dead End
Dear God
Devil's Food
Doctor Who
Dying To Be Perfect: Ellen Hart Pena Story, The
Encino Woman
Entertaining Angels: Dorothy Day Story, The
Executive Decision
Face of Evil
First Kid
First Wives Club, The
Fly Away Home
From Dusk Till Dawn
Full Circle
Giant Mine
Girl 6
Hape Kerkeling - Das war mein Leben, bis jetzt
Hard Core Logo
Haunting of Lisa, The
How To Be a Woman and Not Die in the Attempt
Human Bomb
Humanoids from the Deep
Hustler White
In Cold Blood
In the Blink of an Eye
In the Lake of the Woods
Independence Day
Invasion of Privacy
Ivana Trump's For Love Alone
Jerry Maguire
Jing cha gu shi IV: Jian dan ren wu
Judge and Jury
Just Cause
Kidnapping in the Family, A
Last Dance
Last Exit to Earth
Last Big Thing, The
Late Shift, The
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
Legend of Gator Face, The
Lengua asesina, La
Limbic Region, The
Lustful Revenge
Marlene Dietrich: Shadow and Light
Mars Attacks!
Mexico Dead or alive
My Fellow Americans
My Uncle the Alien
Natural Justice: Heat
Night Visitors
Once You Meet a Stranger
One Fine Day
Open Season
Original Gangstas
Quest. The
People vs. Larry Flynt, The
Pie in the Sky
Pinocchio's Revenge
Polisen och pyromanen
Pretty Village, Pretty Frame (aka Lepa sela lepo gore)
Primal Fear
Promise to Carolyn, A
Proprietor, The
Queen of Sex (aka Gola profonda nera. Black Deep Throat).
Rich Man's Wife, The
Robin of Locksley
Rusar I hans famn
Safety Zone
Scream, Teen, Scream
Second Civil War, The
Secret She Carried, The
Seduced by Madness: Diane Borchardt Story, The
Shadow Conspiracy, The
Shi shen
Sins of Silence
Sorts Hades, Ett
South Bureau Homicide
Space Jam
Street Corner Justic
Stupids, The
Sunchaser, The
Sworn to Justice
That Thing You Do!
Time to Kill, A
Tomorrow Man, The
Twilight Man
Two if By Sea
Two Mothers for Zachary
Um Ceu de Estrelas
Up Close & Personal
Venusmorder, Der
Weekend in the Country, A
Whipping Boy
'Weird' Al Yankovic: Videos, The
Windsor Protocol
Beverly Hills 90210 (1996-2000) (T)
Bonnie Hunt Show, The (T)
Good Morning (T)
Ink (1996-1997) (T)
Kindred: The Embraced (Prince of the City) (T)
Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman, The (1996-2000) (T)
Mercury (1996) (T)
Newsroom, The (T)
Spin City (T)
Suddenly Susan (1996-2001) (T)
Dallas: "J.R. Returns" (T)
Early Edition: “His Girl Thursday” (T)
Groober Hill: "Pilot" (T)
Roseanne: "Morning Becomes Obnoxious" (T)
Outer Limits, The: "I Hear You Calling" (T)
After All (F)
Airframe (F)
And This Too Shall Pass: Novel, A (F)
Angels Flying Too Close To the Ground (F)
And This Too Shall Pass: Novel, A (F)
Annapolis (F)
Baffled in Boston: Mystery, A (F)
Baby Factor, The (F)
Bad Angel (F)
Baker’s Dozen (F)
Bestseller, Der (F)
Between the Lines (F)
Black Lightning (F)
Bleeding Maize and Blue (F)
Cat Fortunati Austen (1997-2000) (F)
Catnap (F)
Dangerous to Know (F)
Dark Debts (F)
Deadly Obsession (F)
Dear Mr. Right (F)
Death of a Garden Pest (F)
Death Stalks a Holiday (F)
Death-Fires Dance (F)
Diamonds (F)
Dirt (F)
Dispatch From a Cold Country (F)
Electric Country Roulette (F)
Everyone's Gone To the Moon (F)
Exclusive (F)
Expose (F)
Falsely Accused (F)
Fear's Justice (F)
Frogskin and Muttonfat (F)
Gathering of Saints, A (F)
Gods Are Thirsty, The (F)
Good Hair (F)
Good Family, A (F)
Hacks (F)
High Energy (F)
Hollis Ball and Sam Wescott Mysteries (1996-1999) (F)
Hot Gossip (F)
House on Mulberry Street, The (F)
Idol Chatter (F)
Imagine Love (F)
Jaded (F)
Lamb to the Slaughter (F)
Last Thing He Wanted, The (F)
Little Something Extra, A (F)
Looking for the Mahdi (F)
Lost Chronicles of the Terra Firma, The (F)
Marrying Kind, The (F)
Mixed Messages (F)
Mortal Sickness, The (F)
Mummer's Curse, The (F)
Murder at San Simeon (F)
Murder Mile High (F)
Murder on Broadway (F)
My Favorite War (F)
Nellie Bly's Monkey: His Remarkable Story In His Own Words (F)
Nemnogo geroina dlia nevesty Kazanovy (F)
Never Say Never (F)
Nursery, The (F)
Once More With Feeling (F)
Party Tricks (F)
Passive Intruder (F)
Perilous Friends (F)
Personal Effects (F)
Power (F)
Rapture in Death (F)
Rearview Mirror (F)
Return, The (F)
Return to the Kill: Kathleen O'Shaughnessy Mystery (F)
Scandal (F)
Seduction (F)
Shades of Grace (F)
Shadow of Wings, The (F)
Shank (F)
Shock Radio (F)
Southern Comforts (F)
Special Treatment (F)
Spelling Bee, The (F)
Star Country (F)
Supporting the Sky (F)
Texas Lonesome (F)
This Far, No Further (F)
White Smoke: Novel About the Next Papal Conclave, A (F)
Witchy Woman (F)
Word After Dying, A (F)
Hilly Rose, Space Reporter (CB)
Superman: Animated Series, The (1996-2000) (C)
Gabriel Knight: Beast Within, The (G)
Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends (D)
In the Zone (D)

Absolute Force
Absolute Power
Advocate's Devil, The
Against the Law
Air Force One
Alibi, The
Alternate Realities
American Affair, An
Any Mother's Son
As Good As It Gets
Air Bud
Bad Day On the Block
Batman and Robin
Beneficiary, The
Best Men
Beverly Hills Ninja
Big Guns Talk: Story of the Western, The
Boys Will Be Boys
Breast Men
Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis
Casper: Spirited Beginning, A
Chinese Box
Christmas List, The
Click: For the Love of the Click
Cold Night Into Dawn
Color of Justice
Conspirators of Pleasure
Cop Land
Curse of Inferno, The
Dalziel and Pascoe: Ruling Passion
Dante's Peak
Daughters (aka Our Mother's Murder)
Dead Silence
Deadly Vision, A
Deep Family Secrets
Destination Anywhere
Devil's Advocate, The
Doces Poderes
Doing Time for Patsy Cline
Edge, The
Every 9 Seconds
Exception to the Rule
Excess Baggage
Fairy Tale: True Story, A
Fierce Creatures
Five Desperate Hours
Flood: River's Rampage, A
Friends 'Til the End
Gang Related
George of the Jungle
Girls in Uniform
Gold Coast
Gone Fishin'
Hazlo por mi
Heart Surgeon, The
Henry Fool
High Stakes
Holiday in Your Heart
Hollywood Confidential
Home Invasion
Hot Body Special: Wild Women at Work
House of Frankenstein 1997
Howard - verinen iltapaiva
Hugo Pool
Ice Storm, The
Imp, The (Yip Yuk Chui Gik Dong Ngon Ji Che)
In & Out
Incorporated, The
Jackal, The
Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way
Johnny 2.0
Keys to Tulsa
Killing Mr. Griffin
Kiss the Girls
Last Don, The
Leave It to Beaver
Liar, Liar
Little Ghost
Lois Syndrome, The
Long Way Home, The
Lost Daughter, The
Lost Souls
Love and Death on Long Island
Love's Deadly Triangle: Texas Cadet Murder, The
Mad City
Man Who Knew Too Little, The
Mandela and de Klerk
Marksmen, The
Matchmaker, The
Matter of Trust
Medusa's Child
Meet Wally Sparks
Melanie Darrow
Melting Pot
Money Talks
Most Wanted
Mother Knows Best
Mouse, The
Mr. Magoo
Murder at 1600
Murder Live!
Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer
My Brother's War
My Stepson, My Lover
My Best Friend's Wedding
Never Met Picasso
Night Falls on Manhattan
Night Flier
Night Sins
No Strings Attached
Novogodisnja pljacka
Innocent Sleep
Masseuse 2
Office Killer
Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing
Peacekeeper, The
Periodistas (aka Journalists)
Pocket Ninjas
Poli: El potro se desboca
Prison of Secrets
Push! Push!
Psycho Sushi
Rainmaker, The
Real Blonde, The
Relic, The
Rennie & Mimmi I fjallen!
Road Movie
Rocket Man
Ronnie & Julie
Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero
Saint, The
Scream II
Second Civil War, The
Secret, The
Shadow Conspiracy
Sick: Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist, The
Sixth Man, The
Skat det er din tur
Sleeping with the Devil
Sleepwalker Killing, The
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Spice World
Stepsister, The
Stolen Glances
Surface to Air
Survival on the Mountain
Svenska hjaltar
Swimsuit: Movie, The
That Darn Cat
Tidal Wave: No Escape
Tomorrow Never Dies
Topless Women Talk About Their Lives
Total Force
Touching Evil
Trial and Error
Two Voices
Underground, The
Undue Influence
Velocity Trap
Wag the Dog
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Ye ban san dian zhong
C-16: FBI (1997) (T)
Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The (1999- ) (T)
Emmerdale Farm (1972-1998) (T)
General Hospital (1963-2003) (T)
Good Morning America (T)
Jasper Carrott Trial, The (T)
Just Shoot Me (1997-2002) (T)
People's Court, The (1997-1998) (T)
Real TV (T)
Sunset Beach (1997) (T)
Taxa (1997) (T)
Women: Stories of Passion (1997) (T)
Alien Nation: "Udara Legacy, The (T)
Knots Landing: "Back to the Cul-de-Sac" (T)
Mystery: "Sculpturess, The" (T)
Profit: "Security" (T)
Red Shoe Diaries: "Liar's Tale" (T)
Spin City: "Paul Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (T)
Zalman King’s Red Shoe Diaries: “Boxer, The” (T)
1-900-DEAD (F)
Abbreviating Ernie (F)
Adele (F)
Area 51 (F)
Ariel Gold Mysteries (1997-1999) (F)
Arrangement, The (F)
Auch Hexen konnen weinen (F)
Balancing Act (F)
Black Diamond: Mystery at the University of Michigan, A (F)
Blue Genes (F)
Brandenburg (F)
Ceremony in Death (F)
Change of Heart (F)
Chasing Cezanne (F)
Circles in Time (F)
Columbo: Glitter Murder, The (F)
Conflict of Interest (F)
Connor Westphal Mysteries (1997-2001) (F)
Crime & Passion (aka Tangled Web, A) (F)
Dead Man and the Sea, The (F)
Dead of Winter (F)
Deadly Harvest (F)
Death at the Table (F)
Death in a Dry Season (F)
Delusion (F)
Disappearance of Lindsey Barrett, The (F)
Eat Me (F)
Embrace the Wind (F)
Eye of the Agency: Sadie Greenstreet Mystery (F)
Family Values (F)
Fiancé Thief, The (F)
Fortunate Fall, The (F)
Francesca Vierling Mysteries (1997-2000) (F)
Funnelweb (F)
Gallagher's Travels (F)
Glory Seekers (F)
Goose in the Pond (F)
Handyman, The (F)
Heart of the Night (F)
Heartbreaker (F)
Heatcrazed! (F)
Hidden Agenda (F)
House Arrest (F)
Hungry Eyes (F)
Hunting We Will Go, A (F)
Hyde (F)
Independent Woman, An (F)
Intimate Betrayal (F)
Intimate Strangers (F)
Killer Market (F)
Last Good Night, The (F)
Left in the Care Of: Novel of Suspense, A (F)
Lives of the Monster Dogs (F)
Lone Star Heat (F)
Lord of the City
Loverboy (F)
Lucky Ones, The (F)
Manor House (F)
Marry in Haste (F)
Marry Well (aka Yours Truly (F)
Malice Intended (F)
Merry Kramer Mysteries (1997-2000) (F)
Milford Haven Series (1997-1999) (F)
Murder Bone by Bone (F)
Murder Lover, The (F)
N: Novel, A (F)
Nell Matthews Mysteries (1997-2000) (F)
News From the Edge: Monster of Minnesota, The (F)
Nicest Guy in America, The (F)
No Daughter of the South: Mystery, A (F)
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (F)
Now or Never (F)
One Bright Star (F)
Place To Call Home, A (F)
Presumption of Guilt (F)
Promise Me (F)
Punchline (F)
Remember When (F)
Sacred Trust, A (F)
Sarah Conley: Novel, A (F)
Secret Obsession (F)
Seducing the Enemy (F)
Shaky Ground (F)
Signal to Noise (F)
Sins of the Mother (F)
Sky (F)
Snow Angel (F)
Splendor (F)
Sudden Blow (F)
Survival Instincts (F)
Sutton McPhee Mysteries (1997-1999) (F)
Taylor Predicament, The (F)
Tenth Justice, The (F)
Terror at High Tide (F)
Tess Monaghan Mysteries (1997-2002) (F)
Topaz (F)
Toyotomi Blues, The (F)
Trust Me On This (F)
Until It Hurts (F)
Valentine Affair, The (F)
Vancouver at the Dawn (F)
Vengeance in Death (F)
Waltzing in Ragtime (F)
Where the Trees Weep (F)
With Friends Like These (F)
Yours Truly: Only Couples Need Apply (F)
Z: Dave Riley Novel, A (F)
Cravings: My Heinous Life (P)
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child: “Henny Penny: The Sky is Falling” (C)
New Batman and Superman Adventures, The (1997-2000) (C)
Catherine (Cat) Grant in Superman The Man of Steel (CB)
Vesper Fairchild (CB)
Mad Magazine: “Mars Attack! Movie Satire” (H)

Adventures of Ragtime, The
Apt Pupil
Arrival Agenda, The (Arrival II)
At the End of the Day: Sue Rodriguez Story, The
Before He Wakes
Bei zheng
Black Light
Blind Faith
Blood on Her Hands
Bloodsport: Dark Kumite, The
Bone Daddy
Brave New World
Bride of Chucky
Cab to Canada
Cannibal! The Musical
Catch Me If You Can
Cellofan- med doden til folge
Charite biz'ness
Circle of Deceit
Civil Action, A
Columbo: Ashes to Ashes
Come Again
Commissioner, The
Creaturealm: Demons Wake ("Possession Is Nine Tenths of the Law")
Death Row: Tournament, The
Deep Impact
Disturbing Behavior
Divorcing Jack
Dying to Tell the Story
En plein coeur
Enemy of the State
Every Mother's Worst Fear
Evidence of Blood
Face at the Window, The
Father for Brittany, A
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fiber Optics (aka Fibre Optica)
Final Justice
Five Wives, Three Secretaries and Me
Fixer, The
Foot in the Door
Frog and Wombat
From the Earth to the Moon
Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon, The
General, The
Generation Ax
Gingerbread Man, The
Godzilla 1998
Golpe de estadio
Great Expectations
Hidden Agenda
High Art
Holy Man
Inspectors, The
Jack Frost
Jane Austen's Mafia!
Jekyll Island
Jerry and Tom
Judas Kiss
Junket Whore
Kai Rabe gegen die Vatikankiller
King of Chaos, The
Kiss of a Stranger
Krazy Girls
Last Broadcast, The
Last Days of Disco, The
Last Don II, The
Last Rites
Legend of Cryin' Ryan, The
Let’s Talk About Sex
Lethal Weapon 4
Letters from a Killer
Life of a Gigolo
Logan's War: Bound by Honor
Long Island Incident, The
Lost in Space
Major League: Back to the Minors
Max Q
Men in White
Michael Angel
Mighty Joe Young
Minion, The
Mr. Music
Mr. Nice Guy
My Date With the President's Daughter
Negotiator, The
Next Stop Wonderland
Nicholas' Gift
No More Baths
Object of My Affection, The
On na ma dut lin na
On the Line
One True Thing
Only Love
Opposite of Sex, The
Overnight Delivery
Paper-Thin Immortals
Parting Shots
Perfect Assassins
Perfect Getaway, The
Players Club, The
Primary Colors
Raising the Heights
Real Macaw, The
Recipe for Revenge
Return to Paradise
Rugrats Movie, The
Running Woman
Saenggwabu uijaryo cheonggu sosong
Second Arrival, The
Shadow of Doubt
She's Too Tall
Siege, The
Silencing Mary
Silent Cradle
Simple Plan, A
Sista kontraktet
Six Days, Seven Nights
Slappy and the Stinkers
Sliding Doors
Snake Eyes
Species II
Still Crazy
Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twisters
Super Sexy
Sweet Deception
Sweet Jane
Take Five (Dui Bat Hei Dui Laai)
Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The
Thanks of a Grateful Nation
Titanic Town
True Crime
Une minute de silence
Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms
Urban Ghost Story
U.S. Marshals
Versace Murder, The
Voyage of Terror
Watchers Reborn
What Rats Won't Do
When Love Comes
White Lies
White Raven
Wild Things
Witness to the Mob
Who Am I? (Ngo Shut Sui)
Wrongfully Accused
Yawarakai hada
You Lucky Dog
You've Got Mail
Angela (1998) (T)
Charmed (1998-2002) (T)
Generator Gawl (1998) (T)
More Tears (T)
Power Play (T)
Sports Night (1998-2000) (T)
Te Karere (1982-2003) (T)
Union Libre (1998-2003) (T)
Cybill: “Cybill In the Morning” (T)
Cybill: “Fine Is Not a Feeling” (T)
Da Vinci’s Request: “Quality of Mercy, The” (T)
Dallas: "War of the Ewings" (T)
Homicide: Life on the Street: "Wu's on First?" (T)
Intimate Sessions: “Rene” (T)
John Woo's Once a Thief: "Wang Dang Doodle" (T)
Moesha: “It’s My Paper and I’ll Cry If It Want To” (T)
Naked City: "Killer Christmas, A" (T)
Sister, Sister: “Greek to Me” (T)
Touched by an Angel: "Journalist, The" (T)
Two Guys and a Girl: "Two Guys, a Girl and a Christmas Story" (T)
Walker, Texas Ranger: "Deadly Vision" (T)
TV Episodes of: Any Day Now, Dawson's Creek
'Twas the Night Before (F)
After You (F)
Almost Perfect (F)
Almost Remembered (F)
And Then You Die…. (F)
Angel of Galilea, The (F)
Barbie the Jewel Thief (Reporter Series) (F)
Because It's Christmas (F)
Bedroom Incident, The: Do Not Disturb (F)
Best Laid Plans, The (F)
Big Girls Don't Cry (F)
Blackbird Singing (F)
Bombay Ice (F)
Brush-off Arcade, The (F)
Camelot (F)
Columbo: Hoover Files, The (F)
Critical Conditions (F)
Dead Air (F)
Deadly Sanctuary (F)
Deception and Desire (F)
Dodging Cupid's Arrow (F)
Double Coffin (F)
Double Exposure (F)
Double Vision (F)
Eating Fire and Drinking Water (F)
Eleventh Plague, The (F)
Empty Cradle (F)
Eyes of Prey (F)
Fiery Pantheon, The: Novel, A (F)
Genuine Lies (F)
God Bless the Child (F)
Golden Rule, The (F)
Guess What? We’re Married (F)
Guilty Pleasures (F)
Hunk of the Month (F)
Impulsive (F)
Incubus (F)
Infinity’s Child (F)
Insanity (F)
Italian Girl, The (F)
Jeremiah: Terrorist Prophet (F)
Last Boat to Camden Town (F)
Last Valentine, The (F)
Lexy Hyatt Mysteries (1998-2001) (F)
Making Up for Lost Time (F)
Mangrove Squeeze (F)
Max’s Proposal (F)
Message in a Bottle (F)
Moghul Buffet (F)
Murder Crops Up (F)
Murder Off the Record (F)
My Soul To Keep (F)
My Year of Meats (F)
New America (F)
Nice (F)
Night Crew, The (F)
No Lease on Life: Novel, A (F)
No Safe Place (F)
Only Man to Trust, The (F)
Perfect Wife, A (F)
Perils of the Night (F)
Phreak (F)
Possessions (F)
Primrose (Rosie) Holland Mysteries (1998-2002) (F)
Promise Pending (F)
Prodigal Spy, The (F)
Promised Land (F)
Red Lightning (F)
Red, White and Blue (F)
Return of the Gods (F)
Revere Beach Boulevard (F)
Riverside Drive (F)
Rocky Romance, A (F)
Roses Are Red (F)
Second Sight (F)
Secret Wedding (F)
Separations (F)
Sign Me, Speechless in Seattle (F)
Someone To Watch Over Me (F)
Speak No Evil (F)
Stay Tuned: Wedding at Eleven (aka Stay Tuned: Wedding at 11:00) (F)
Student Body (F)
Superstition (F)
Tall, Dark and Reckless (F)
Taming It Down (F)
Tempting Fate (F)
Those Who Trespass (F)
Trace of a Woman (F)
Ulterior Motives (F)
Undaunted Spirit (F)
Veiled Antiquity, A (F)
Vozvrashchenie -- smert: roman (F)
Where Yesterday Lives (F)
Waiting in Vain (F)
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! (F)
What a Woman's Gotta Do (F)
Where Serpents Lie (F)
Whisper My Name (F)
White Hot (F)
Wicked Games (F)
Zacharys Wings (F)
Radium Girls (P)
Batman and Mr. Freeze: SubZeo (C)
Batman/Superman Movie, The (1998) (C)
Richie Rich's Christmas Wish (C)
Mad Magazine: “Godzilla 1998 Movie Satire” (H)
Mad Magazine: “Just Shoot Me TV Satire” (H)

24 Hour Woman, The
After All
Alchemists, The
All Shook Up
American Beauty
American Tail 4, An: Mystery of the Night Monster
Another Planet
Any Given Sunday
Arc the Lad
Arlington Road
As Time Runs Out
Astronaut's Wife, The
At First Sight
Barbara Taylor Bradford's Secret Affair, A
Batman Beyond: Movie, The
Big Brass Ring, The
Big Tease, The
Blackadder Back & Forth
Boekverfilming, De
Book That Wrote Itself, The
Boondock Saints, The
Captive Audience
Children of a Lesser God
Cinnamon Roll Story, A
Citizen Toxie: Toxic Avenger Part 4, The
Collectors, The
Come On, Get Happy: Partridge Family Story, The
Confession, The
Confessions of a Call Girl
Convergence (aka Premonition)
Cradle Will Rock
Crimes of Mistress Meow, The
Cruel Justice
Dalziel and Pascoe: Recalled to Life
Deep End of the Ocean, The
Diplomatic Siege
Don't Look Behind You
Don't Look Under the Bed
Double de ma moitie, Le
Down with America 3: Moldy Kitten
Drop Dead Gorgeous
End of Days
Excellent Cadavers
Extremely Dangerous
Face to Kill For, A
Family Man, The
Fear Runs Silent
Final Run
Five Senses, The
For Those Who Remain
Forces of Nature
Free of Eden
Future Sport
General's Daughter, The
Gens qui s'aiment, Les
Gojira ni-sen mireniamu
Goldfish Bowl, The
Goodbye Lover
Good Man's Sin, The
Half a Dozen Babies
Happily Ever After: Henny Penny
Happy Face Murders
Hard Time: Hostage Hotel
Held Up
How To Become Famous
How's Your News?
Holy Smoke
Homocore Minneapolis
House on Haunted Hill
Human Traffic
Idle Hands
Insider, The
Inspector Gadget
Intimate Betrayal
Into His Arms
Jackie's Back!
Jean-Pierre Aumont, charme et fou-rires
Just the Ticket
Killing the Badge
Labor Pains
Last Man On Planet Earth, The
Late Show
Lethal Vows
Light It Up
Liten julsaga, En
Locked in Silence
Lorelei's Secret
Lured Innocence
Macbeth in Manhattan
Man on the Moon
Message in a Bottle
Muppets from Space
Murder of Crows
Mystery Men
Never Been Kissed
Notting Hill
Omega Diary
Omega Code, The
One Small Hero
Packing Suburbia, A
Party Crashers, The
Patinoire, La
Petite Vendeuse de Soleil, La
Planet Alex
Play It to the Bone
Price of a Broken Heart, The
Propatoriko amartima, To
Prophet's Game, The
Pushing Tin
Rage of the Werewolf
Random Hearts
Ringu 2 (aka Ring 2)
Robinson ekspeditionen - Hele sandheden!
Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein
Runaway Bride
Sabrina, Down Under
Safe Sex
Second Sight
Serial Killing 4 Dummys
Shockers: Visitor, The
Silencer, The
Simply Irresistible
Slight Case of Murder, A
Smart House
Soccer Dog: Movie, The
Soul Cages, The
Staring at Headlights
Starry Night
Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Blair Witch
Stone Catcher
Storm Catcher
Strange Justice
Stranger Than Fiction
Strike Zone
Striking Poses
Super Sexy Too
Swing Vote
Switched at Birth
Take My Advice: Ann and Abby Story, The
Tavern, The
Terrorist, The
Three Kings
Three Secrets
Three to Tango
Third Miracle, The
Three Secrets
Time Shifters, The
"To Serve and Protect"
Ultimate Deception
Universal Soldier: Return, The
Vagen ut
Violent Zone
Virtual Sexuality
Walking to the Waterline
We'll Meet Again
Where the Truth Lies
White River Kid, The
Wild Grizzly
Will of Her Own, A
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Witch Hunt
Witness Files, The
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
Charmed (1999-) (T)
Family Guy (1999-2000) (T)
Futurama (1999) (T)
Ground Zero (1999) (T)
Jack & Jill (1999) (T)
Lot, The (1999-2001) (T)
Nao Es Homem Nao Es Nada (1999) (T)
One Life To Live (1968-) (T)
Red Handed (T)
Rugemania (T)
Sex and the City (1999-2004) (T)
Super club de los tigritos, El (T)
Wasteland (T)
West Wing, The (1999-2004) (T)
Ally McBeal: "Changes" (T)
Babylon 5: "Call to Arms, A" (T)
Clueless: "As if a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp" (T)
Diagnosis Murder: "Love is Murder" (T)
Earth: "Final Conflict: Interview" (T)
Earth: "Final Conflict: Subterra" (T)
Highlander: "Blitz, The" (T)
Moesha: “Fire Up” (T)
Moesha: “I Studied Twelve Years For This?” (T)
Nanny, The: "When You Pish Upon a Star" (T)
Popular: "Pilot" (T)
Silk Stockings: "Partners in Crime" (T)
Smart Guy: "Stop the Presses" (T)
Touched by an Angel: "Driver, The" (T)
Touched by an Angel: "Whole Truth and Nothing But, The" (T)
Walker, Texas Ranger: "Tall Cotton" (T)
Women: "Stories of Passion: Paradise Found" (T)
50 Clues He's Mr. Right (F)
50 Ways to Lure Your Lover (F)
Accidental Bride, The (F)
Affair of Convenience, An (F)
Barbie Action News Reporter (F)
Battle Lines (F)
Beauty Story (F)
Before I Sleep (F)
Bittersweet (F)
Blue Rain (F)
Brides of Durango: Elise (F)
Burnout (F)
Can't Resist a Cowboy (F)
Carolina Rose (F)
Chasing Alfie (F)
Circle William (F)
Colony of Unrequited Dreams, The (F)
Confessional (F)
Cordelia Underwood: Or the Marvelous Beginnings of the Moosepath League (F)
Cowboy With a Badge (F)
Crazy in the Cockpit: Woman Pilot's Adventures in the Air, A (F)
Crossword Murder, The (F)
Dark Cities Underground (F)
Dark Salvation (F)
Dead Letter (F)
Dead Man’s Broth (F)
Do You Want to Know a Secret? (F)
Dream Bride (F)
Dying for a Clue (F)
Eagle (F)
Enticements (F)
Exiles on Main Street (F)
Expose (F)
Flying Cavalier, The (F)
Frozen Music: Novel, A (F)
Frames Per Second (F)
Fuller Man: Novel, A (F)
Gazebo, The: Novel, A (F)
Gideon (F)
In the Air - On the Air: One TV News Anchor Will Report the Greatest Story Ever (F)
Indiscretions (F)
Jenny Rose (F)
L.A. Connections: Power, Obsession, Murder, Revenge (F)
Landry News, The (F)
Last Hellion, The (F)
Left Hand of God, The (F)
Lip Service (F)
Lonely Street (F)
Lovestruck (F)
Maiden Voyage, Novel, A (F)
Masterson (F)
Midnight on Julia Street (F)
Mirror Image (F)
Mojo Hand (F)
Moonlight for Maggie (F)
Murder at the Library of Congress (F)
Neurotica (F)
Never Been Kissed (F)
News From the Edge: Vampires of Vermont (F)
Now or Never: Hand in Glove (F)
Now or Never: Rafe's Revenge (F)
One With the Hunger (F)
Pathology of Lies, The (F)
Pirate of Her Own, A (F)
Playing Dead (F)
Price of Honor, The (F)
Prince and the Bogus Bride, The (F)
Prince's Bride, The (F)
Private Passions (F)
Pumpkin Seed Massacre, The (F)
Quiet Game, The (F)
Remembering Jody (F)
Run Catch Kiss: Gratifying Novel, A (F)
Secrets of Sadie Maynard, The (F)
Serpent Club, The: Thriller, A (F)
Silent Snow (F)
Silly Season, The (F)
Silver Dreams (F)
Spy Within, A: Novel, A (F)
Stargazer (F)
Stealing Thunder (F)
Stone Heart (F)
StreetSmart (F)
Such a Pretty, Pretty Girl (F)
Sudden Love (F)
Summer Hawk (F)
Sun King, The (F)
Sunset Limited (F)
Suspicion (F)
Sweet Smell of Psychosis, The (F)
Sweeter Than Sin (F)
Talk (F)
Torch (F)
Tough Love (F)
Trials of Nikki Hill, The (F)
Ultimatum, The (F)
Unseen Riches (F)
Valley of the Shadow (F)
Weigh Dead (F)
White Chocolate (F)
Wings of Destiny (F)
With This Kiss (F)
YO! (F)
Zerkalo dlia nevidimk (F)
Dagger of Amon Ra: Laura Bow Mystery (G)
Longest Journey, The (G)
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child: Henny Penny: The Sky Is Falling (MUS)

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