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Female journalists appear in the following films, television and radio programs, novels and short stories, plays, cartoons, comic books, comic strips, art works, songs, games and commercials. Some are newshawks who act more like detectives than journalists. Others are investigative reporters, editors, publishers, columnists, foreign and war correspondents, cubs, critics, photojournalists, sportswriters, freelance journalists, urban and country newspaperwomen, or anonymous reporters shouting out questions. Also included are public relations practitioners and press agents. Some are central characters. Others make a brief appearance and then disappear forever. Many are simply part of a pack of anonymous reporters who show up for a press conference or a news report. All leave impressions in the minds of the audience.

This is as complete a list of female journalists in films, TV and radio programs and fiction as ever compiled, but as with any such endeavor, there may be errors and omissions. Please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to correct any errors or add any items that are not included. Your help is appreciated.

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Categories appear in the following order:

M - Movies is the Default Category - Anything without any other designation is M. This designation includes theatrical films, made-for television movies, and TV miniseries. It also includes purely foreign titles.

T - Television includes TV series followed by specific episodes of TV series. It also includes purely foreign titles.

R - Radio includes radio series followed by specific episodes of radio series.

F - Fiction includes novels, short stories, plays (including musicals), juvenile books, sketches,
fictional characters and poetry.

C - Cartoons
CB - Comic Books
CS - Comic Strips
CC - Commercials
D - Documentaries, News, Non-Fiction
G - Games
MUS - Music, Songs
A - Art

Note: Some television programs and series of novels usually are listed under the year they first appeared and may not appear under subsequent years. For example, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update appears under 1975, Life with Bonnie under 2000, Hollis Ball and Sam Wescott Mysteries under 1996, Connor Westphal Mysteries under 1997, and so on.


Joe Saltzman and the IJPC©2003

All About Eve
Angels in the Outfield
Atom Man Vs. Superman
Chain Gang
Frokens forsta barn
Goodbye My Fancy
Life of Her Own, A
They Were Not Divided
Three Secrets
To Please a Lady
Underworld Story, The
Woman of Distinction, A
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: "Our Town" (T)
Big Town (aka Byline Steve Wilson) (1950-1956) (R)
Big Story, The: "Kathryn Steffan Story" (1950) (R)
Brave in the Heart, The (F)
Front Page for Jennifer (F)
Kathryn Steffan Story, The (F)
Shriek With Pleasure (F)
Fashion Magic (D)
Meet the Press (D)
Today with Mrs. Roosevelt (1950-1951) (D)
Watch the World (1950-1953) (D)


American in Paris, An
Angels in the Outfield
Cave of Outlaws
Come Fill The Cup
Goodbye My Fancy
Home Town Story
Lady Godiva Rides Again
Let's Make It Legal
Sailor Beware
Superman and the Mole Man
Tale of Five Cities, A
Texas Rangers, The
Underworld Story, The
By-Line - Betty Furness (1951) (R)
Byline (aka Newsgal) (1951-1957) (T)
Crime Photographer (T)
Foreign Intrigue: "Dateline Europe" (T)
Search for Tomorrow (1951-1986) (TS)
Secret Storm, The (1951-1986) (TS)
Make Haste to Live (F)
Peter Zenger: Fighter for Freedom (F)
United, The (F)
Weapon Shopes of Isher, The (F)
All Around the Town (D)
CBS Sunday News (1951-1957) (D)
For Your Information (D)
It’s Fun to Know (D)
Mid-Day News (D)
Mike and Buff (1951-1953) (D)
Ruth Lyons 50 Club (1951-1952) (D)
Vacation Wonderland (D)
World Is Yours, The (D)

Assignment - Paris
Bad and the Beautiful, The
Barbed Wire
Deadline U.S.A.
Decision Before Dawn
Don't Bother to Knock
Down Among the Sheltering Palms
Flesh and Fury
Lannen lokarin veli
Lone Star
Never Look Back
Pace That Thrills, The
Park Row
Pat and Mike
Radar Men From The Moon
Rough, Tough West, The
Scandal Sheet
Washington Story
Adventures of Superman (1952-1957) (T)
Hunter, The (1952) (T)
My Friend Irma (1952-1954) (T)
Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The: "Editor, The" (T)
Armstrong Circle Theatre: "City Editor" (T)
Gene Autry Show, The: “Ruthless Renegade, The” (T)
My Little Margie: "Horse for Vern, A" (T)
Your Show of Shows - "Newspaper Movie: Three Star Semi-Final" (T)
Come Fill the Cup (F)
Copy Girl (F)
Wonderful Town (F)
Trial By Terror (F)
For Women Only (1952-1953) (D)
Junior Press Conference (1952-1960) (D)
Morning News (1952-1954) ( D)
New York Times Youth Forum, The (1952-1954) (D)
Today (D)

Behind the Headlines
Count the Hours
Dream Wife
Escape By Night
Flight to Tangier
Francis Covers the Big Town
Hot News
It Happens Every Thursday
Reportaje (aka Reporting)
Resan till dej
Sabre Jet
Sky Commando
System, The
Those Redheads From Seattle
War of the Worlds, The
I Cover Korea (Fireside Theatre) (T)
Foreign Intrigue: "Overseas Adventures" (T)
Faith, Hope and Charity (F)
Marty (1953-1956) (F)
Meet Betty Furness (D)

Double Exposure
Final Appointment
French Line, The
Front Page Story
Gestandnis unter vier Augen
Jail Bait
It Should Happen to You
Lady in the Dark
Living It Up
Make Haste to Live
Scarlet Spear, The
Star Is Born, A
Tennessee Champ
White Orchid, The
Dear Phoebe (1954-1955) (T)
December Bride (1954) (T)
Files of Jeffrey Jones (1954) (T)
Home (1954-1957) (T)
Honestly, Celeste! (1954) (T)
Lady in the Dark (T)
Time to Live, A (1954) (T)
December Bride: "Lily's Advice Column" (T)
I Love Lucy: "Fan Magazine Interview" (T)
Lux Video Theater: "Five-Star Final" (T)
Producer's Showcase: "State of the Union" (T)
Portia Faces Life (TS)
Time To Live, A (TS)
Caperberry Bush, The (F)
Iron Maiden, The (F)
Lights of Skaro (F)
Stranger Come Home (F)
Home (1954-1957) (D)
John Hopkins File 7 (1954-1960) (D)
Morning Show, The (1954-1957) (D)

Alskling pa vagen
Big Knife, The
Broken Pledge, The
Cloak Without Dagger
Gold Express, The
Jungle Moon Men
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing
My Sister Eileen
Port of Escape
Stolen Assignment
Tender Trap, The
Texas Lady
Timeslip (aka Atomic Man, The)
Value for Money
Damon Runyon Theatre: "Teacher's Pet" (T)
Files of Jeffery Jones, The (1955-1956) (T)
I Love Lucy: "Hedda Hopper Story, The" (T)
Lone Ranger: "Adventure at Arbuckle" (T)
Lone Ranger, The: “Code of the Pioneer” (T)
People's Choice, The: "Retiring Mayor, The" (T)
Producer's Showcase: "Our Town" (T)
Another Time, Another Place (F)
Commissar in Connecticut (F)
Deer Park, The (F)
Elaine Stinson, Campus Reporter (F)
Interview, The (F)
Mattie Dear (Professor's Tale, The) (F)
Paradise at Little Bend (F)
Hollywood Today with Sheilah Graham (D)
World at Home, The (D)

Best Things in Life Are Free, The
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Bride of the Monster
Don't Knock the Rock
Forever Darling
Harder They Fall, The
High Society
Run for the Sun
Satellite in the Sky
Scandal Incorporated
Solid Gold Cadillac
Star is Bored, A
While the City Sleeps
Queen for a Day (1956- (T)
Wire Service (1956-1957) (T)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Safe Conduct" (T)
TV Episodes of: Charlie Farrell Show, The
Brighter Day, The (1954-1962) (TS)
Edge of Night, The (1956-1984) (TS)
Julia Probyn Mysteries (1956-1973) (F)
Last One, The (F)
Nelly Bly, Reporter (F)
Stardust for Jennifer (F)
Iris Allen (nee West) (Showcase) (CB)

At the Stroke of Nine
Beginning of the End
Crime of Passion
Deadly Mantis, The
Don't Go Near the Water
Face in the Crowd, A
Funny Face
Jeanne Eagels
Land Unknown, The
Murder Reported
Parson and the Outlaw, The
Tarzan and the Lost Safari
Tattered Dress, The
Top Secret Affair
Assignment Foreign Legion (T)
Fireside Theatre: "Not for Publication" (T)
Dangerous Deadline (F)
Story of a Young Magazine Apprentice, The (F)
Mrs. Daffodil (F)
Revolution & Roses (F)
Teacher's Pet (F)
Close-Up (1957-1958) (D)
Press Conference (D)
True Story (1957-1961) (D)

Another Time, Another Place
Fountain of Youth
Incredible Petrified World, The
Kathy O
Roots of Heaven
Suicide Battalion
Teacher's Pet
Three Dolls From Hong Kong
Too Many Crooks
Accused (1958) (T)
Lawman, The (1958) (T)
Philadelphia Story, The (1958) (T)
Quatermass and the Pit (T)
Wonderful Town (T)
77 Sunset Strip: "Navy Caper, The" (T)
Ann Southern Show, The: "Top Executive" (T)
From These Roots (1958-1961) (TS)
Best of Everything, The (F)
Justice of the Heart (F)
Malignant Heart (F)
Lois Lane, Superman's Girlfriend (1958-1974) (CB)
Steve Canyon: Poteet Canyon (1950s through 1970s) (CS)

Beloved Infidel
Desperate Man, The
Diplomatic Corpse, The
House on Haunted Hill
It Happened to Jane
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Operation Bullshine
Schweigende Stern, Der
Philadelphia Story, The (T)
Hawaiian Eye: "Robinson Koyoto" (T)
Zsa Zsa in Paris: "Pilot" (T)
Between Day and Dark (F)
California Street (F)
Captive and the Free, The (F)
Fire Break (F)
Lynn Daly, Newspaper Girl (F)
Mrs. Bridge (F)
Murder and Blueberry Pie (F)
Small World (F)
Woman of Letters, A (F)

College Confidential
Dead Lucky
Dolce Vita, La
Expresso Bongo
Gasu ningen daiichigo
High Time
Margaret Bourke White Story, The
Niewinni czarodzieje
Prime Time, The
Vai Que E Mole
Viva L'Italia!
Jim Backus Show, The (1960-1961) (T)
My Sister Eileen (1960-1961) (T)
Roaring 20s (1960-1961) (T)
Sunday Showcase: "Margaret Bourke White Story, The" (T)
You Should Meet My Sister: "Pilot" (T)
Between Then and Now (F)
First Day, The (F)
Other Side, The (F)
Race of Rebels (F)
Schoolgirl Reporter (F)
Sun Is My Shadow, The (F)
CBS Sports Spectacular (D)
Here’s Hollywood” (1960-1962) (D)
Issues and Answers (1960-1981) (D)
NBC News (1960-1976) (D)

All Hands on Deck
Cry for Happy
Day The Earth Caught Fire, The
Escape to Berlin (Flucht Nach Berlin)
Johnny Nobody
Murder in Eden
Nature Camp Confidential
No Time for Ecstasy
Police Dog Story
Return of Dr. Mabuse, The
Return to Peyton Place
Right Approach, The
Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The
Svenska Floyd
Town Without Pity
Margie (1961) (T)
La Femme: "Pilot" (T)
Mr. Ed: "Ed Writes Dear Abby" (T)
All the Summer Days (F)
Copy Girl (F)
Error in Judgment (F)
Fun House, The (F)
Love and Mrs. Sargent (F)
Madame (F)
Meanwhile, Back at the Front (F)
Prize, The (F)
ABC Midday Report (1961-1968) (D)
ABC’S Wide World of Sports (D)
Calendar (1961-1963) (D)
Today on the Farm (1960-1961) ( D)

Don't Knock the Twist
Dr. No
Hey, Let's Twist!
Madison Avenue
Notorious Landlady, The
Secret File: Hollywood
Vampiresas 1930
Loretta Young Show, The New (1962) (T)
Saints & Sinners (1962-1963) (T)
Gallant Men, The: "Some Tears Fall Dry" (T)
Lucy Show, The: "Lucy Becomes a Reporter" (T)
Savage Sunday: "Pilot" (T)
Man Who Died Too Soon, The (F)
Plain Man, The (F)
Girl Talk (1962-1970) (D)

8 ½
Dragees au poivre
Jak byc kochana
Live It Up
Maid for Murder
My Six Loves
Prize, The
V.I.Ps, The
Wheeler Dealers, The
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: "Goodbye, George" (T)
Bewitched: "Girl Reporter, The" (T)
Combat! “No Hallelujahs for Glory” (T)
Love Affair Just For Three, A (The Ginger Rogers Show): "Pilot" (T)
Miss and the Missiles: "Pilot" (T)
Petticoat Junction: "Power of the Press, The" (T)
Twilight Zone, The: "Printer's Devil, The" (T)
TV Episodes of: Patty Duke Show, The (1963-1966)
Giles and Penelope (F)
Washington Party Murder, The (F)
CBS Morning News, The (1963- ) (D)

Carpetbaggers, The
Flight from Ashiya
Godzilla Vs. The Thing (aka Godzilla Vs. Mothra)
Hard Day's Night, A
Man’s Favorite Sport?
Mosura tai Gojira
Sunday in New York
Zhivyot takoj paren
Miss and the Missiles: "Pilot" (T)
Deadly Image (F)
Q Document, The (F)
Worth While (F)
Underdog Show, The (1964-1973) (C)

…for vanskaps skull…
10th Victim, The
Fantomas se dechaine
Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster
Great Race, The
Io, io, io…e gli altri
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
Gallegher, Further Adventures Of , The (T)
Quick, Before It Melts
Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1965-1967) (T)
This Hour Has Seven Days (1964) (T)
Walt Disney Presents: Mystery of Edward Sims (T)
Get Smart: "Greatest Spy on Earth, The" (T)
Gidget: "Ask Helpful Hannah" (T)
Tell Aggie: "Pilot" (T)
Affair of the Albatross (F)
Daily and Sunday: Novel of Newspaper Power and Politics, A (F)
So I'm Not Lady Chatterley So Better I Should Know It Now (F)
Two Inches in Tomorrow's Column (F)
Underdog (1964-65) (C)
Young Set, The (D)

Asa-Nisse I raketform
Bang! Bang! You're Dead
Destination Inner Space
Devil's Own, The
Fame is the Name of the Game
Made in U.S.A.
Poppies Are Also Flowers
Press for Time
Swinger, The
Green Hornet, The (1966) (T)
Hey Landlord (1966) (T)
Crystal World (F)
In a Glass Darkly (F)
To Forget Palermo (F)
Who'll Buy My Evil (F)
New Adventures of Superman, The (1966-1970) (C)

Brot und Rosen
Countess from Hong Kong
Espia Que Entrou em Fria, A
How I Spent My Summer Vacation
I Am Curious (Yellow)
Jag - en oskuld
Love-Ins, The
Portrait of Jason
Puss & kram
Spasite utopayushchego
St. Valentine's Day Massacre, The
Valley of the Dolls
Vengeance of the Vampire Women, The
Ironside: “Prophecy, The” (T)
Fifth Cord, The (F)
Lovers and Tyrants (F)
Plot, The (F)
Very Quiet Place, A (F)

Certo giorno, Un
Grazie, Zias
Histoires extraordinaires
Legend of Lylah Clare, The
Night of the Living Dead
Panic in the City
Tarzan and the Jungle Boy
Track of Thunder
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?
Doris Day Show, The (1968-1971) (T)
Name of the Game, The (1968-1971) (T)
Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The: "Dig for the Truth" (T)
Perils of Pauline: "Pilot" (T)
One Life To Live (1968- ) (TS)
Here Is Thy String (F)
In All Walks of Life (F)
Katie and Her Camera (F)
Two Interviews (F)
Walk Softly, in Fear (F)
Superman-Batman Hour (1968-1969) (C)
Not For Women Only (1968-1979) (D)

Assassination Bureau, The
Career Bed
Den sedmy, osma noc
Downhill Racer
Frightened Woman, The (aka Femina ridens. Laughing Woman, The)
Guru, The
Last Shot You Hear, The
Laughing Woman, The
Love God, The?
Made in Sweden
Medium Cool
Monte Carlo or Bust
Night of Bloody Horror
Putney Swope
Space Giants
Strategy of Terror
Debbie Reynolds Show, The (1969) (T)
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1969-1970) (T)
Love American Style: "Love and the Newscasters" (T)
TV Episodes: Brady Bunch, The
At the Still Point (F)
From Out of the Garden (F)
Studio, The (F)
Quicksand (F)

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