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Female journalists appear in the following films, television and radio programs, novels and short stories, plays, cartoons, comic books, comic strips, art works, songs, games and commercials. Some are newshawks who act more like detectives than journalists. Others are investigative reporters, editors, publishers, columnists, foreign and war correspondents, cubs, critics, photojournalists, sportswriters, freelance journalists, urban and country newspaperwomen, or anonymous reporters shouting out questions. Also included are public relations practitioners and press agents. Some are central characters. Others make a brief appearance and then disappear forever. Many are simply part of a pack of anonymous reporters who show up for a press conference or a news report. All leave impressions in the minds of the audience.

This is as complete a list of female journalists in films, TV and radio programs and fiction as ever compiled, but as with any such endeavor, there may be errors and omissions. Please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to correct any errors or add any items that are not included. Your help is appreciated.

For details on any of these items as well as copies of films, TV and radio programs, and fiction that are not commercially available, please consult the IJPC Database© available exclusively to IJPC members.


Categories appear in the following order:

M - Movies is the Default Category - Anything without any other designation is M. This designation includes theatrical films, made-for television movies, and TV miniseries. It also includes purely foreign titles.

T - Television includes TV series followed by specific episodes of TV series. It also includes purely foreign titles.

R - Radio includes radio series followed by specific episodes of radio series.

F - Fiction includes novels, short stories, plays (including musicals), juvenile books, sketches,
fictional characters and poetry.

C - Cartoons
CB - Comic Books
CS - Comic Strips
CC - Commercials
D - Documentaries, New, Non-Fiction
G - Games
MUS - Music, Songs
A - Art

Note: Some television programs and series of novels usually are listed under the year they first appeared and may not appear under subsequent years. For example, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update appears under 1975, Life with Bonnie under 2000, Hollis Ball and Sam Wescott Mysteries under 1996, Connor Westphal Mysteries under 1997, and so on.


Joe Saltzman and the IJPC©2003

Adventurers, The
Dr. Frankenstein on Campus
King: Filmed Record - Montgomery to Memphis, A
Secrets of Sex
Swimming Pool, The
There's a Girl in my Soup
Drop-In (1970) (T)
Mary Tyler Moore Show, The (1970-1977) (T)
Queen for a Day (1956- ) (T)
Night Gallery: “The Diary” (T)
TV Episodes of: I Spy
All My Children (TS)
Best of Everything (TS)
Somesetset (1970-1976) (TS)
First Lady, The (F)
No Jokes on Mars (F)
President, The (F)
NFL Today (1970-1994) (D)

12 stulyev
200 Motels
Beast of Blood
Evil Knievel
Fiend, The
Firechasers, The
Gore Gore Girls, The
Love Machine, The
Madeline Is Bowfinger
Moment's Caress, A
President's Plane Is Missing, The
T.R. Baskin
Tout Va Bien
Shirley's World (1971) (T)
Hawaii Five-O: "My Friend, the Enemy" (T)
Checkpoint Orinoco (F)
Death Has Green Fingers (F)
Deep Cover (F)
Improbable Fiction, An (F)
Nora (Congressman Who Loved Flaubert, The) (F)
Squeakie's Second Case (F)
Tent of Miracles (F)

Bacelona Kill
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Fireball Forward
Nothing But the Night
Paralyzed (La Corta Notte Delle Bambole Di Vetro), aka Malastrana.
Peccato mortale
Play It As It Lays
Stand Up and Be Counted
Theatre of Blood
Top of the Heap
Gargoyles (1972) (T)
Funny Papers: "Brenda Starr" (1972) (T)
TV Episodes of: M*A*S*H (1972-1983) (T)
Cathy Leonard Calling (F)
Nor All Thy Tears (F)
P.R. Girls (F)
Real Thing, The (F)
Shock Wave (F)
Streets of Askelon, The (F)
Wedlock (F)
Whole World is Watching, The (F)
Mad Magazine: “Television Satire - Mary Tyler Moore Show, The” (H)

Avaleuses, Les
Charley Varrick
Ciao Manhattan
Class of '44
Don't Turn the Other Cheek (Viva La Muerte….Tua)
Hawkins on Murder
Lost Horizon
Pa'en igen, Amalie
Running Wild
Terminal Island
Welt am Draht
Werewolf of Washington, The
Young Nurses, The
Your Three Minutes Are Up
Applause (T)
Doctor Who (T)
Here We Go Again (1973) (T)
Miracle on 34th Street (T)
Wonder Girl (1973) (T)
Sisters: "Dear Georgie" (T)
Ted Bessell Show, The: "Pilot"
TV Episodes of: Six Million-Dollar Man, The
All I've Tried To Be (F)
Debbie Preston, Teenage Reporter Series (1973) (F)
Diane Game, The (F)
Different Clowns for Different Towns (F)
Hard Way to Die, A (F)
Jane (F)
Tis Not Hereafter (F)
Goober and the Ghost Chasers (1973-1975) (C)

Action: October Crisis of 1970, The
Caravan to Vaccares
Emanuelle Around the World
Football Crazy (aka Arbitro, L'. Playing the Field. Referee, The)
Gravy Train, The
Internecine Project, The
Lucky Luciano
Parallax View, The
Sandakan 8 (Sandakan Hachiban Shokan: Bokyo)
Sex Symbol, The
Swinging Cheerleaders, The
Towering Inferno, The
Why Rock the Boat?
Barnaby Jones: “Conspiracy of Terror” (T)
Happy Days: "Richie in Love" (T)
Little House on the Prairie: "Harriet's Happenings" (T)
Streets of San Francisco: “Death and the Favored Few” (T)
Anchorwoman (F)
D (F)
Death by Hoax (F)
Final Analysis (F)
Lady of Shalott, The (F)
Reverend Randolph and the Wages of Sin (F)
Trumpet for a Walled City (F)
Wild Turkey (F)
World is Full of Divorced Women, The (F)
World Invitational Tennis Classic (D)

Brenda Starr
Da svante forsvandt
Damien - Omen II
Fear is Spreading, The
Final Conflict, The
Friday Foster
Guilty or Innocent: Sam Sheppard Murder Case, The
Harry and Walter Go to New York
Law and Order
Let's Switch
Lives of Jenny Dolan, The
Mobile Two
Niji o kakeru kodomo-tachi
Once Is Not Enough
Passenger, The
Shadow of the Hawk
Sky Heist
Specialist, The
Sun Bunnies (aka Beach Bunnies, The. Red, Hot and Sexy)
Ta' det som en mand, frue!
That Lucky Touch
Video Vixens
Violer er bla
Look Who's Here (1975) (T)
Mobile One (1975) (T)
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update (1975-2004) (T)
Barnaby Jones: “Image of Evil” (T)
Emergency!: "On Camera" (T)
Jeffersons, The: "Good News, Bad News" (T)
Rockford Files “Resurrection in Black and White” (T)
Ryan's Hope (1975-1989) (TS)
Bride for Hampton House, A (F)
Getting and Spending (F)
Dear Lovey Hart, I Am Desperate (F)
Getting and Spending (F)
Helen Bullock Mysteries (1975-1979) (F)
Last Valley, The (F)
Minotaur Country: Novel of Suspense, A (F)
Shadows (F)
Village of Blood (F)
A.M. America (D)
Good Morning America (1975- ) (D)

All the President's Men
Car Wash
F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood
Front, The
Hallo Baby
Harpsichord Builder
Harry and Walter Go to New York
Hollywood Boulevard
Inferno in Paradise
Kard, A
Kassen stemmer
Kingston: Power Play, The
Law and Order
Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, The
Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby
Man of Marble (Czlowiek Z Marmuru)
Marquise von Sade, Die
Newspaper Game, The
Next Man, The
No Deposit, No Return
Piger I trojen 2
Savage Bees, The
Selling of Vince D'Angelo
Shadow of the Hawk
Star is Born, A
Sweet Cakes
Town That Dreaded Sundown, The
Woman of the Year
Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (1976-1977) (T)
Emergency! On Camera (1976) (T)
Krofft Supershow, The (1976-1978) (T)
McNaughton's Daughter (Kelly Lange) (T)
Executive Suite: “Re: People In Glass Houses” (T)
Hotel: "Offer, The" (T)
TV Episodes of: What's Happening
Castle Brisbane (F)
Chicago (F)
Colony (F)
Conflict of Interest (F)
Darcourt (F)
Final Proof (F)
Fountains, The (F)
Getting Away With It (F)
Ghost Town (F)
Golden Unicorn, The (F)
In a Class by Herself (F)
Julie Hayes Mysteries (1976-1987) (F)
Masada Plan, The (F)
Moncrieff (F)
Passion's Promise (F)
Tuesday Blade, The (F)
We Interrupt This Semester for an Important Bulletin (F)
Chicago: "We Both Reached for the Gun" (MUS)
Take My Advice (D)

Alternative, The
Between the Lines
Checkered Flag (aka Checkered Crash)
Cover Girls
Czlowiek z marmuru
Day of the Animals
Happy Hooker Goes to Washington, The
Incredible Melting Man, The
Invisible Adversaries (aka Unsichtbare Genger)
Mary White
Mr. Billion
People That Time Forgot, The
Sea Gypsies, The
Sex and the Married Woman
Stunts (aka Who Is Killing the Stuntmen?)
Sylvia im Reich der Wollust
Something for Joey
Spend, Spend, Spend
Starship Invasions
Tail Gunner Joe
Which Way Is Up?
Andros Targets, The (1977) (T)
Carter Country (1977-1979) (T)
Lanigan's Rabbi (1977) (T)
Lou Grant (1977-1982) (T)
Tabitha (1977) (T)
We've Got Each Other (1977) (T)
Espelho Magico (T)
Exo-man: "Pilot" (T)
Love Boat, The: "Dear Beverly" (T)
Love Boat: "Isaac's History Lesson" (T)
Love Boat, The: "Musical Cabins" (T)
Love Boat, The: "Not so fast, Gopher/Haven't We Met Before/Foreign Exchange" (T)
Susan and Sam: "Pilot"
TV TV Show, The: "Pilot" (T)
All Over the Town (F)
Anna Hastings: Story of a Washington Newspaperperson!, The (F)
Buried In So Sweet a Place (F)
Circles: Washington Story, A (F)
Cry Wolf (F)
Devil's Gamble (F)
Edith’s Diary (F)
Emperor of the Last Days, The (F)
Filmi, Filmi, Inspector Chote (F)
Jemima Shore Mysteries (1977-1994) (F)
Kid Andrew Cody and Julie Sparrow (F)
Little Bit of Egypt, A (F)
Long, Naked Descent into Boston (F)
Macklin Cover (F)
Molly Companion (F)
National Anthem, The (F)
One by One (F)
Quiet as a Nun (F)
Paris One (F)
Rich People (F)
Sweet Nothings (F)
Travel Piece, A (F)
Wife, The (F)
Amazing Spider-Man, The (C)
Day Lois Lane Walked All Over, The (CB)
Shoe (1977-2002) (CS)
Mad Magazine: “Network Parody” (H)
Magazine (1977-1981) (D)

Acting Out
Beasts Are on the Streets, The
Big Fix, The
California Suite
Capricorn One
Carry On Emmannuelle
Comedy Company, The
Corvette Summer
Damien - Omen II
Death in Canaan, A
Doctors' Private Lives
Evening in Byzantium
Fire in the Sky, A
First, You Cry
Getting Married
Heaven Can Wait
I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
International Velvet
Judith Therpauve
Kid From Not So Big
Loose Change
My Husband Is Missing
Night Full of Rain, A (The End of the World in Our Usual Bed in a Night Full of Rain)
Parts: Clonus Horror, The
Perfect Gentlemen
Quiet as a Nun
Rautakauppias Uuno Turhapuro, presidentin vavy
Remember My Name
Silent Partner, The
Son of Hitler
Superman: Movie, The
Two-Five, The
Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe
With This Ring
Zehu Ze (1978)
American Girls, The (1979) (T)
Go West Young Girl (T)
Kaz (1978-1979) (T)
Mork and Mindy (1978-1982) (T)
WKRP In Cincinnati (1978-1982) (T)
Rockford Files: "Resurrection in Black and White" (T)
Sea Gypsies: "Pilot" (T)
Your Place or Mine?: "Pilot" (T)
TV Episodes of: Amazing Spider-Man, The - Incredible Hulk, The
Rockford Files - Fantasy Island
Creek Called Wounded Knee, A (F)
Glendower Legacy, The (F)
In Place of Love (F)
Insiders, The(F)
Kalki (F)
Maxie Reynolds Mysteries (1978-1979) (F)
Miranda (F)
Monarch (F)
Murder by Microphone (F)
Nielsen's Children (F)
Overload (F)
Power Eaters, The (F)
Reporter, The (F)
Running Dog (F)
Second Generation (F)
True Love & Real Romance (F)
Sophia Santos (aka Lina Muller) (Thanatos II) (CB)
30 Minutes (1978-1982) (D)
America Alive! (D)
Everyday (1978-1979) (D)

11th Victim, The
Act of Violence
Angi Vera
Bara en kvinna
Being There
Bell Jar, The
Birth of the Beatles
Blank Generation
Blind Ambition
Cannibal Holocaust (aka Holocaust Cannibal)
Cheerleaders' Wild Weekend
China Syndrome, The
City on Fire
Concorde, The: Airport '79
Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders, The
Dark, The
Death Car on the Freeway
Disaster on the Coastliner
Disco Grandfather
Electric Horseman, The
Fast Friends
Flesh and Blood
Friendships, Secrets and Lies
Journalist, The
Lararinna pa vift
Last Giraffe, The
Last Word, The
Little Romance, A
Main Event, The
Monster (aka It Came From the Lake. Monster, the Legend That Became a Terror. Monstroid.
Toxic Horror, The. Toxic Monster
Onion Field, The
Rocky II
Rose, The
Seduction of Joe Tynan, The
Silent Victory: Kitty O'Neil Story, The
Something Short of Paradise
Starting Over
Tenth Victim, The
Weasels Rip My Flesh
Mrs. Columbo (aka Kate Loves a Mystery, 1979) (T)
Some Kind of Miracle (T)
Stop Susan Williams (1979) (T)
Benny Hill as a Female Newscaster (1979) (T)
Brenda Starr, Reporter: "Pilot" (T)
Gossip: "Pilot" (T)
Grant Goodeve Project: "Pilot" (T)
As The World Turns (TS) (1979-)
Aunt Gertrude (F)
Autumn Song (F)
C.B. Greenfield Mysteries (1979-1989) (F)
China Syndrome, The (F)
Dynast, The (F)
Electric Horseman, The (F)
Establishment, The (F)
Face Value (F)
Grand Dragon (F)
Henderson Equation (F)
If Winter Comes (F)
Love on Trial (F)
Main Chance, The (F)
Man, A (F)
Manhattan (F)
Mark Coffin, U.S.S. (F)
Neon Graveyard, The (F)
Private Sector (F)
Random Track to Peking (F)
Reflex Curve (F)
Slut Reporter (F)
Still Life (F)
Third Identity, The (F)
Typhoon (F)
Unholy Child (F)
We Interrupt This Semester for an Important Bulletin (F)
Welcome Sundays (F)
Spider-Woman (1979-1980) (C)
Mad Magazine: “China Syndrome Movie Satire” (H)
Mad Magazine: “Lou Grant TV Satire” (H)
Mad Magazine: “Superman Movie Satire” (H)

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