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Female journalists appear in the following films, television and radio programs, novels and short stories, plays, cartoons, comic books, comic strips, art works, songs, games and commercials. Some are newshawks who act more like detectives than journalists. Others are investigative reporters, editors, publishers, columnists, foreign and war correspondents, cubs, critics, photojournalists, sportswriters, freelance journalists, urban and country newspaperwomen, or anonymous reporters shouting out questions. Also included are public relations practitioners and press agents. Some are central characters. Others make a brief appearance and then disappear forever. Many are simply part of a pack of anonymous reporters who show up for a press conference or a news report. All leave impressions in the minds of the audience.

This is as complete a list of female journalists in films, TV and radio programs and fiction as ever compiled, but as with any such endeavor, there may be errors and omissions. Please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to correct any errors or add any items that are not included. Your help is appreciated.

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Categories appear in the following order:

M - Movies is the Default Category - Anything without any other designation is M. This designation includes theatrical films, made-for television movies, and TV miniseries. It also includes purely foreign titles.

T - Television includes TV series followed by specific episodes of TV series. It also includes purely foreign titles.

R - Radio includes radio series followed by specific episodes of radio series.

F - Fiction includes novels, short stories, plays (including musicals), juvenile books, sketches,
fictional characters and poetry.

C - Cartoons
CB - Comic Books
CS - Comic Strips
CC - Commercials
D - Documentaries, News, Non-Fiction
G - Games
MUS - Music, Songs
A - Art

Note: Some television programs and series of novels usually are listed under the year they first appeared and may not appear under subsequent years. For example, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update appears under 1975, Life with Bonnie under 2000, Hollis Ball and Sam Wescott Mysteries under 1996, Connor Westphal Mysteries under 1997, and so on.


Joe Saltzman and the IJPC©2003

American Gigolo
Barna fran Blasjofjallet
Bronco Billy
City in Fear
Cloud Dancer
Competition, The
Cry of the Innocent
Curse of King Tut's Tomb, The
Dirty Tricks
Doctor Franken
Final Assignment
Formula, The
Galactica 1980
Gossip Columnist, The
Hard Knocks
Hardly Working
Henderson Monster, The
Hero at Large
Idolmaker, The
Island Claws
Jimmy B. & Andre
Man with Bogart's Face, The
Melvin and Howard
Oh, Heavenly Dog
Raise the Titanic
Revenge of the Stepford Wives
Small Circle of Friends
Stardust Memories
Where the Buffalo Roam
Buccaneer (1980) (T)
Flamingo Road (T)
Galactica (1980) (T)
Good Time Harry (T)
Goodtime Girls (1980) (T)
Hart to Hart (T)
I'm A Big Girl Now (1980-1981) (T)
Ladies' Man (T)
Roughnecks (T)
Scruples (1980) (T)
Stockard Channing Show, The (1980) (T)
Between the Lines: "Pilot" (T)
Dribble: "Pilot" (T)
Flamingo Road: "Pilot" (T)
Galactica 1980: “Spaceball” (T)
Golden Girls: "Rose Fights Back" (T)
One Life To Live (1968-1980s) (T)
Single Life, The: "Pilot" (T)
Too Close for Comfort: "Just Another Pretty Face" (T)
TV Episodes of: 227 - Contender, The - Flintstone Family Adventures -
TV Episodes of: Magnum P.I. (1980-88) - Tenspeed and Brown Shoe - Too Close for Comfort
Bay of Lions (F)
Beware Young Lovers (F)
Cam Jansen Mysteries (1980-1984)
Father Koesler Mystery -- Death Wears a Red Hat (F)
Denver (F)
Good News/Bad News (F)
Great Los Angeles Fire, The (F)
Hot 30 (F)
Hot Type (F)
Lesson in Telepathy, A (F)
Middle Ground, The (F)
Newspaper Editor, The (F)
Newsreel (F)
No Country For Old Men (F)
Phantom Conspiracy, The (F)
Resisting Arrest (F)
Songs From the Stars (F)
That Boston Man (F)
Theresa Tracy Baldwin Sports Novels (1980-1983) (F)
Watcher, The (F)
Weavers at the Mill, The (F)
Flintstones Comedy Show, The (C)
Daily Planet Presents 10 Front Page Stories (CB)
Hour Magazine (1980-1988) (D)

Absence of Malice
Adventures of Nelly Bly, The
Advice to the Lovelorn
Amateur, The
Aunt Peg Goes Hollywood
Body and Soul
Blood Beach
Buddy Buddy
Callie and Son
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
Eye for an Eye, An
Eyes of the Stranger
Gods Must Be Crazy, The
Goldie and the Boxer Go To Hollywood
Great Muppet Caper, The
Harper Valley
Heavy Metal
Howling, The
Incredible Shrinking Woman, The
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy
Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls
Killing at Hell's Gate
Legend of the Lone Ranger, The
Lili Marleen
Man of Iron (Czlowiek Z Zelaza)
Midnight Lace
Mommie Dearest
Mundo Magico dos Trapalhoes, O
Murder in Texas
Not a Love Story: Film About Pornography, A
On the Right Track
Opera ve vinici
Panikos sta sholeia
Patricia Neal Story, The
Rent Control
Rich and Famous
Sharky's Machine
Snacka gar ju
Superman II
Thin Ice
Unseen, The
Zombie Creeping Flesh aka Night of the Zombies
Bret Maverick (1981) (T)
Fitz and Bones (1981) (T)
Flamingo Road (1981-1984) (T)
Jessica Novak (1981) (T)
Advice to the Lovelorn: "Pilot" (T)
Dallas “Lover Come Back” (T)
Dallas “Quest, The” (T)
Dukes of Hazzard: “By-Line, Daisy Duke” (T)
Dynasty: “Mission, The” (T)
Dynasty: "Surrogate" (T)
"Joe Dancer" pilots including "Murder 1, Dancer, 0" (Kelly Lange) (T)
Magnum P.I.: “Curse of the King Kamehameka Club, The” (T)
Parkers (Brian and Sylvia), The: "Pilot" (T)
Scruples: "Pilot" (T)
Stephanie: "Pilot" (T)
TV Episodes of: - Simon and Simon (1981 to 1988) - Hill Street Blues - Two for One (1981-82)
30 for Harry (F)
Absence of Malice (F)
Arctic Enemy (F)
Chameleon (F)
Death Scene (F)
False Witness (F)
Final Cut (F)
Goebbels & Gladys (F)
Legacy, The (F)
Less Than Angels (F)
London Affair (F)
Magazine (F)
Memory Man, The (F)
Missing Person, The (F)
Montauk Fault, The (F)
Mummer Kiss (F)
Myrmidon Project, The (F)
Palomino (F)
Park is Mine, The (F)
Peregrine (F)
Project Pope (F)
Santa Claus Killer, The (F)
Sauce for the Goose (F)
Say Hello to Yesterday (F)
Schism (F)
Spencer Novel: Savage Place, A (F)
Split Images (F)
Sweet and Deadly (F)
Trying Out for the Race (F)
Turtle Beach (F)
Unforgiven, The (F)
World Without End (F)
Goldie Gold and Action Jack (1981-1982) (C)
Mad Magazine: “Superman II Movie Satire” (H)
Independent Network News – Midday Edition (1981-1986) (D)
Documentary on the Making of “Gore Vidal’s ‘Caligula’” (D)
Regis Philbin Show, The (1981-1982) (D)
This Week with David Brinkley (D)


Another Way (Egymasra Nezve)
Ambush Murders, The
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The
Between Two Brothers
Beyond Witch Mountain
Centerspread Girls
Cold River
Counterattack: Crime in America
Deadly Games, The
Death Wish II
Desire, the Vampire
Disappearance of Harry, The
Escape Artist, The
Fighting Back
Final Assignment
Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D
Grey Fox, The
Help Wanted: Male
I Was a Mail Order Bride
I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can
Incubus, The
Ladies and Gentlemen - The Fabulous Stains
Liquid Sky
Love and Money
Miss All-American Beauty
My Favorite Year
Not in Front of the Children
Off Your Rocker
Prime Suspect
Safari 3000
Savannah Smiles
Seduction, The
Shoot the Moon
Six Pack
Six Weeks
Some Kind of Hero
Stranger is Watching, A
T.J. Hooker
Tartort - Sterben und sterben lassen
Terror at Alcatraz
This Is Kate Bennett
Time Walker
Trail of the Pink Panther
Trick or Treats
Visiting Hours
Who Dares Wins
Wrong is Right
Young Doctors in Love
Axiopistoi, Oi (T)
Capital (1982) (T)
Facts of Life: "Read No Evil" (T)
High Five: "Pilot" (T)
Magnum P.I.: “Jororo Kill, The” (T)
Newhart: "Local Hero" (T)
This is Kate Bennett: "Pilot" (T)
TV Episodes of: Farrell For the People (1982)
Loving (TS)
Almighty, The (F)
Elvis is Dead (F)
Father Koesler Mystery -- Assault With Intent (F)
Blood Sisters (F)
Broderie Anglaise (F)
Children, The (F)
China Option, The (F)
Daredevil (F)
Desperate Measures (F)
Double Occupancy (F)
Eden Burning (F)
Emerald (F)
Faraway Drums, The (F)
Fire and the Ice, The (F)
Firebrand (F)
Forgiving (F)
Jericho (F)
Images of Love (F)
Independent Wife, An (F)
Lace (F)
Life Sentences (F)
Love and Treason (F)
Not a Stranger (F)
On the Way Back: Work Not In Progress, A (F)
Only Place To Be (F)
Pacific Pretence (F)
Spearfield's Daughter (F)
Tahi's Story (F)
Till Morning Comes: Novel, A (F)
Unrepentant Women (F)
Who Killed Sal Mineo? (F)
Mad Magazine: “20/20 with Barbara Walters TV Satire” (H)
ABC World News This Morning (D)
Capitol (1982-1987) (D)
CBS Early Morning News (1982-1996) (D)

Acceptable Levels
Amityville 3-D
Anna to the Infinite Power
Bare Essence
Being, The
Born in Flames
D.C. Cab
Dead Wrong
Deadly Force
Deal of the Century
Dismissal, The
Easy Money
Eddie and the Cruisers
Eddie Macon's Run
Going Berserk
Goodbye, Cruel World
Hot Money
Invisible Woman, The
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (aka Who Pays the Piper)
Jane Doe
Jaws 3-D
Last Plane Out
Lift, The (De Lift)
Lillian Gish
Lone Wolf McQuade
Love in Hong Kong
M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Mad Death, The
Miss Lonelyhearts
Missing Pieces
Na de liefde
NATAS - The Reflection
Of Unknown Origin
One Dark Night
Philadelphia Experiment, The
Princess Daisy
Prisoners of the Lost Universe
Quarterback Princess
Right Stuff, The
Rita Hayworth: Love Goddess, The
Special Bulletin
Star 80
Stoker Ace
Storm Testament II, The
Strange Invaders
Superman III
Tassinaro, Il
Those Glory, Glory Days
Through Naked Eyes
Two of a Kind
Uncommon Valor
Under Fire
White Water Rebels
Who Killed Baby Azaria?
Without a Trace
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (1983) (T)
Goodnight Beantown (1983-1984) (T)
Loving (1983) (T)
Malibu (T)
New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The (T)
News is the News, The (1983) (T)
Outlaws, The (1983) (T)
V: The Final Battle (1983-84) (T)
Anthology of Horror Stories: "Nightmares: Terror of Topanga:" "Pilot" (T)
Flash Gordon - The Greatest Adventure of All: "Pilot" (T)
Hotel: "Illusions" (T)
Invisible Woman, The: "Pilot" (T)
National Scoop, The: "Pilot" (T)
Sutter's Bay: "Pilot" (T)
Yesterday Show, The: "Pilot" (T)
TV Episodes of : A-Team, The - Mama's Family
72nd and Rodeo (F)
Brian's Captive (F)
British Cross, The (F)
Bylines (F)
Changes (F)
Decision (F)
Defects of the Heart (F)
Girls in the Newsroom, The (F)
Goodbye Goliath (F)
Heartburn (F)
I Shouldn't Be Telling You This (F)
Joe's World (F)
Last Draw, The (F)
Moondreamer (F)
Murder in the Mirror: Flashes of Fire: Novel, A (F)
Paper Tiger (F)
Pitch Dark (F)
Prime Time (F)
Reluctant Merger (F)
Spearfield's Daughter (F)
Turner's Wife (F)
Tycoon (F)
Wild Flight (F)
Flash Gordon - The Greatest Adventure of All: "Pilot" (C)
New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show, The (C)
NBC News at Sunrise (D)


Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The
And Nothing But the Truth
Attack on Fear
Best Defense
Best Kept Secrets
Caged Women
Children in the Crossfire
Countdown to Looking Glass
Cowboy and the Ballerina, The
Down on Us
Ernie Kovacs: Between the Laughter
Exterminator 2
Fast Talking
Flashpoint Africa
Fort Saganne
Ghost Busters
Give My Regards to Broad Street
Gone Are the Dayes
Good Sport, A
Heavenly Bodies
Her Life as a Man
Hotel New Hampshire, The
I Dream of Jeannie: Fifteen Years Later
I Was A Zombie for the FBI
Irreconcilable Differences
Killing Fields, The
Kindred Spirits
Last Horror Film, The
Last of the Great Survivors
Last Winter, The
Listen to the City
Martin's Day
Micki and Maude
Missing in Action
Mistral's Daughter
Mrs. Soffel
Muppets Take Manhattan, The
Murder of Sherlock Holmes, The
Not For Publication
Odd Jobs
Oh, God! You Devil
On the Shelf
Once Upon a Time in America
Pigs Vs. Freaks
Power, The
Return to Eden
Schorpioen, De
Sky's No Limit, The
Stiff Competition
Swing Shift
This Is Spinal Tap
Touch of Scandal
Trial Run
Woman in Red, The
Close to Home (T)
Glitter (1984-1985) (T)
Maggie Briggs (1984) (T)
Paper Dolls (1984) (T)
Rituals (1984) (T)
Santa Barbara (1984) (T)
Family Ties: "Dear Mallory" (T)
Hunter: "City Under Siege - Part I" (T)
Hunter: "Reporter, The" (T)
Magnum P.I.: “I Witness” (T)
Murder She Wrote: “Death Casts a Spell.” (T)
P.O.P.: "Pilot" (T)
Partners in Crime: “Strangler, The” (T)
TV Episodes of: Charles in Charge (1984-1987) - Cosby Show, The (1984 to 1992) -
TV Episodes of: Murder She Wrote (1984-1996) - Night Court (1984 to 1992) -
TV Episodes of: Partners in Crime (1984) - Who's the Boss," (1984-1992)
Another Blue-Eyed Quarterback (F)
Arson (F)
Death of a Unicorn (F)
Desirable Compromise (F)
Double-Blinded (F)
Finger Prints (F)
Foreign Bodies (F)
Free Draw: Jake Samson Mystery, A (F)
Heroes (F)
Hour, The (F)
Life Its Ownself: Semi-Tougher Adventures of Billy Clyde Puckett and Them, The (F)
Lovely and the Lonely, The (F)
Macno (F)
Mr. Yesterday (F)
Morbid Symptoms (F)
No Charge For Looking (F)
Obsession, The (F)
One More Sunday (F)
Patience McKenna Mysteries (F)
Wanawake Series (1984-1993) (F)
Ride a Pale Horse (F)
Saving Grace, A (F)
Sophie Horowitz Story, The (F)
Sourdough Wars: Rebecca Schwartz Mystery (F)
Stillwatch (F)
Time Between, A (F)
With a Little Gold Pencil (F)
Megaton Man, The (CB)
Love Report, The (D)
Sally Jessy Raphael (D)


Agalitsas, O
Agent on Ice
Amateur Hour
American Drive-In
American Flyers
Back to the Future
Basic Training
Beniker Gang, The
Bombs Away
Brewster's Millions
Bridge Across Time (aka Terror at London Bridge.Arizona Ripper)
Bunny's Tale, A
Cocaine Wars
Compromising Positions
Deadly Passion
Def-Con 4
Defence of the Realm
Emanuelle's Amazon Adventure
Escape From the Bronx
Far East
First Steps
Frankie and Johnnie
Ging chaat goo si
Head Office
Hearst and Davies Affair, The
Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story
International Airport
Invasion U.S.A.
Jagged Edge
Just One of the Guys
Kane & Abel
Key Exchange
Legend of Billie Jean, The
Malibu Express
Malice in Wonderland
Man With One Red Shoe, The
Max Headroom
Mean Season, The
Megazone 23
Misfits of Science
Murder in Space
New Kids, The
No Time to Die
Number One
Obsessed With a Married Woman
Overdrawn at the Memory Bank
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Perry Mason Returns
Protector, The
Purpose Rose of Cairo, The
Rate It X
Reckless Disregard
Rocky IV
Romance on the Orient Express
Russian Soldier
Santa Claus
Saving Grace
Scandal Sheet
Spies Like Us
Streets of Justice
Time to Live, A
Toxic Avenger, The
Turk 182!
View to a Kill, A
Warning Sign
White Nights
Year of the Dragon
1984: Case Study in Finding an Appropriate TV Newswoman, A
(CBS Docudrama in Words and Pictures, A) (T)
Growing Pains (1985-1992) (T)
Insiders, The (T)
Mary (1985) (T)
Max Headroom (1985) (T)
Monsieur le ministre (T)
Night Heat (1985-1991) (T)
Charles in Charge: "Dorm Warnings" (T)
Emily: "Pilot" (T)
Magnum P.I: "Forty" (T)
Moscow Bureau: "Pilot" (T)
Santa Barbara (1984-1993) (TS)
All Our Secrets (F)
And Then They Die (F)
Arabella's Answer (F)
Blue Moon (F)
Chains of Gold (F)
Death of a Gossip (F)
Family Fortunes (F)
Flight of the Archangel (F)
Golden Triple Time (F)
Hook, Line and Sinker (F)
Hungry for Love (F)
Immigrant's Daughter, The (F)
In a Certain Light (F)
In Winter the Snow Never Stops (F)
Judith Hayes Mysteries (1985-1997) (F)
Lace II (F)
Love Always (F)
Last Romance, The (F)
Legacy of Fear (F)
One of My Very Best Friends (F)
Pretensions (F)
Rain Morgan Mysteries (1985-1990) (F)
Riches and Honor (F)
Runaway (F)
Safety Catch (F)
Samantha Adams Mysteries (1985-1998) (F)
Sleaze (F)
Small Town, A (F)
Song of the Wolf (F)
Success Story (F)
Sweet Justice (F)
Tinsel Town (F)
To Love a Man (F)
True-Life Adventure: Paul McDonald Mystery (F)
Woman in the Moon, The (F)
Oprah Winfrey Show, The (1985- ) (D)

Absolute Beginners
Act of Vengeance
Adventure of Faustus Bidgood, The
As Is
Aurora Encounter, The
Babes in Toyland
Bad Girls
Broderna Mozart
Christmas Star, The
Close to Home
Crocodile Dundee
Cut and Run
Deadly Business, A
Dr. Otto and the Riddle of the Gloom Beam
Eye of the Tiger
Fighting Choice, A
Flight of the Navigator
Fly, The
Gallagher's Travels
Ginger e Fred
Haunted Honeymoon
Hector's Bunyip
High Price of Passion
Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star
Imagemaker, The
Just Between Friends
Kamikaze Hearts
King Kong Lives
Legal Eagles
Monster in the Closet
News at Eleven
Nuclear Conspiracy, The (Neuesbericht Uber Eine Reise in Eine Strahlende Zukunft)
Out of Bounds
Paradise Postponed
Psycho III
Return to Mayberry
Right of the People, The
Ruthless People
Say Yes
Shadows Run Black
Short Circuit
Spearfield's Daughter
Sweet Liberty
That Secret Sunday
Tough Guys
Violets Are Blue
Where Are the Children?
Who is Julia?
Witches of Eastwick, The
Young Again
Bridges to Cross (1986) (T)
Ellen Burstyn Show, The (1986) (T)
Jack and Mike (1986) (T)
Macken (1986) (T)
Our House (1986) (T)
Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, The (1986) (T)
Chameleon: "Pilot" (T)
City, The: "Pilot" (T)
Hunter: "Saturday Night Special" (T)
Hunter, “Scrap Metal” (T)
Maggie: "Pilot: Starting Over" (T)
Magnum P.I.: “Way of the Stalking Horse” (T)
Miami Vice: “Little Miss Dangerous” (T)
Scarecrow and Mrs. King: “It’s in the Water” (T)
Simon & Simon: “Act Five” (T)
Acts of Contrition (F)
Bad Money (F)
Best Friends – Sweet Valley Twins (F)
Bigfoot Dreams (F)
Comrades (F)
Dancing in the Dark (F)
Danger in the Air (F)
Exclusive, The (F)
First Manhattans (F)
Flight of Ashes (F)
Frank and Billy (F)
Girls Forever Brave and True (F)
I'll Take Manhattan (F)
Images (F)
In a Pig's Eye (F)
June Mail (F)
Lady of Hay (F)
Manshare (F)
Nyla Wade Mysteries (1986-1995) (F)
One for the Money (F)
Only a Woman (F)
Peter Finley Mysteries (1986-1990) (F)
Private Affairs (F)
Privilege (F)
Rancho Maria (F)
Regrets Only (F)
Rutherford B. Hayes Show, The (F)
Sarah Calloway Series (1986-1990) (F)
Sardine Deception, The (F)
Second Nature (F)
Smile and Say Murder: Nancy Drew Files, The. Case 4 (F)
Stars at Noon, The (F)
Strangled Prose: Claire Malloy Mystery (F)
Style and Substance (F)
Summertime Soldiers, The (F)
Syndrome (F)
Tripper and Sam Mysteries (1986-87) (F)

*batteries not included
Amazing Grace and Chuck
Amazon Women on the Moon
Beaks: Movie, The
Bedroom Window, The
Betty Ford Story, The
Birds of Prey
Black Magic M-66 (aka Buraku majikku M-66)
Broadcast News
Campus Man
Cloud Waltzing
Da xue sheng yi shi
Dark Age
Date With an Angel
Deadly Deception
Deadly Illusion
Deadtime Stories
Drop-Out Mother
Eight is Enough: Family Reunion, A
Eye of the Eagle
Fast Gun
Forever, Lulu
Full Metal Jacket
Gaby: True Story, A
Gardens of Stone
Giorno prima, Il
Harry and the Hendersons
Hello Again
He's My Girl
Hidden, The
Hol volt, hol nem volt
Hollywood Shuffle
House of the Rising Sun
Hyoryu kyoshitsu
In Love and War
Kidnapping of Baby John Doe, The
King Lear
Laguna Heat
Last Innocent Man
Ley del deseo, La
Little Match Girl, The
London Embassy
Made in Heaven
Making Mr. Right
Mr. India
My Demon Lover
No Way Out
Offspring, The
One Month Later (aka Maand Later, Een)
Outrageous Fortune
Perry Mason: Case of the Murdered Madam, The
Perry Mason: Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel, The
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
Police Story: Freeway Killings, The
Positive I.D.
Power, Passion and Murder
Prescription for Murder
Psychos in Love
Rachel River
Rogue (aka Yin ji kau)
Rosary Murders, The
Roses Are for the Rich
Running Man, The
Saigon Commandos
Sayonara no onnatachi
Shuto shoshitsu
Shy People
Squeeze, The
Steele Justice
Street Smart
Superman IV: Quest for Peace, The
Survival Game
Sweet Revenge
Terminal Exposure
Throw Momma From the Train
Warm Hearts, Cold Feet
We Are the Children
Max Headroom (1987) (T)
Wilton North Report, The (1987) (T)
After Midnight: "Pilot" (T)
Bob Hope Winterfest Christmas Show (T)
Deadline (Deadline: Madrid): "Pilot" (T)
Magnum P.I.: “Forty” (T)
Matlock: "Power Brokers" (T)
Miami Vice: “Contempt of Court” (T)
Simon & Simon: "Dear Lovesick" (T)
TV Episodes of: Married With Children - Once a Hero - Rags to Riches - Roxie -
TV Episodes of: Simon & Simon - Thirtysomething
A.P.B. (F)
American Woman, An (F)
Beloved Deceiver (F)
Best Intentions (F)
Best of Betty, The (F)
Bigfoot Dreams (F)
Buried Secrets: Nancy Drew Files, The. Case 10 (F)
Dangerous Places (F)
Dark Path to the River, The (F)
Dear Miss Demeanor (Claire Malloy Mystery) (F)
Death on Deadline (F)
Doctors and Women (F)
Empire (F)
Eyes of a Stranger, The (F)
Favorite Son (F)
Going Live (F)
Homeplace (F)
Hot Flashes (F)
Imagining Argentina (F)
In Every Woman's Life… (F)
Lindsay Gordon Mysteries (1987-1999) (F)
Monarchs Are Flying (F)
Moon Tiger (F)
More Than Dreams (F)
Natural Prey (F)
Nowhere Man (F)
Of Love and Shadows (F)
One Summer (F)
Paint Her Face Dead (F)
Price You Pay, The (F)
Third Victim, The (F)
Under the Lake (F)
Unexplained Laughter (F)
White Lies (F)
Young Mrs. Cavendish and the Kaiser's Men (F)
Cat Grant (Adventures of Superman) (CB)
Health Show, The (1987-1991) (D)

Accused, The
Action Jackson
And God Created Woman
Appointments of Dennis Jennings, The
Baby M
Bad Dreams
Body of Evidence
Burning Vengeance
Call Me
Caught in the Act
Chief Zabu
Child's Play
City in the Dark, A
Cobra nero 2
Criminal Act
Criminal Law
Crocodile Dundee II
Cross Mission (aka Fuoco incrociato)
Cry in the Dark, A
Dark Before Dawn
Dead End City
Dead Heat
Dead Pool, The
Deadly Intent
Double Exposure
Elvis and Me
Emerald Tear, The
Fatal Judgment
Four Minute Mile, The
Fruit Machine, The
From a Whisper to a Scream
Ghosts…of the Civil Dead
Goin' Down Slow
Hero and the Terror, The
Hostile Witness
House on Carroll Street, The
Illegally Yours
Iron Eagle II
Just in Time
Laura Lansing Slept Here
Lip Service
Little Girl Lost
Malarek: Street Kid Who Made It, A
Married to the Mob
Messenger of Death
Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The
Nightmare Beach
Outback Bound
Party Line
Patty Hearst
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach
Positive I.D.
Pranks TV!
Primal Rage
Rescue, The
Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
Rikky and Pete
Rock 'n' Roll Mom
Running on Empty
Saturday the 14th Strikes Back
Seven Hours to Judgment
Seventh Sign, The
Shades of Love: Sunset Court
Slaying the Dragon
Something Is Out There
Stars and Bars
Stay Tuned for Murder
Stoning in Fulham County, A
Street Kid Who Made It
Switching Channels
Talk Radio
They Live
Torch Song Trilogy
Tuned for Murder
Take My Daughters, Please
Touch the Sun: Peter & Pompey
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The
Very British Coup, A
Whisper Kills, A (aka Whisperkill)
World Apart, A
Murphy Brown (1988-1998) (T)
Police Academy (1988) (T)
T.V. 101 (T)
Tanner '88 (1988) (T)
TV2 Nyhederne (1988) (T)
Channel 99: "Pilot" (T)
Facts of Life: "Smile" (T)
Matlock: "Widow, The" (T)
Miami Vice: “A Rock and a Hard Place” (T)
Monsters: "Sin-Spin" (T)
Our House: “Out of Step” (T)
Tour of Duty: "Saigon, Part One" (T)
TV Episodes of: China Beach
82 Desire (F)
Absence of Pain (F)
Alexander and Cassandra (F)
Arnold Crombeck Story, The (F)
Best Bid, The (F)
Bingo (F)
Blood Tracks (F)
Broadcast News (F)
Butterfly Avengers, The (F)
Cradle (F)
D.O.A. (F)
Dance of the Gods (F)
Dangerous Age, A (F)
Dream Train (F)
Empire (F)
Eye of the Beholder, The (F)
Facemaker (F)
Falling Up the Stairs (F)
Fast Copy (F)
Fearful Symmetry (F)
Film at Eleven (F)
Final Flight (F)
Georgia Lee Maxwell Mysteries (1988-1989) (F)
Jane Winfield Mysteries (1988-1991) (F)
Kate Henry Mysteries (1988-1998) (F)
Kill Cue (F)
Kill the Competition (F)
Land of Mirrors (F)
Last White Man in Panama, The (F)
Longings (F)
Loss of Heaven, The (F)
Proprietor's Daughter, The (F)
Right Moves, The (F)
Rumors (F)
Seduction, The (F)
State of Emergency (F)
Takeover (F)
There's No Place To Cry at the Ritz (F)
Trail of the Dragon (F)
Trust Me On This (F)
Twice Upon a Time (F)
Whisper Business, The (F)
White Cargo (F)
White Hand, The (F)
Write on, Rosy!: Young Author in Crisis, A (F)
Superman (1988) (CB)
Mad Magazine: “Broadcast News Movie Satire” (H)
Home Show (1988-1994) (D)

300 mil do nieba
Abyss, The
Alien Space Avenger
Another Chance
Banker, The
Beverly Hills Brats
Big Man on Campus
Blind Witness
Blue Angel Cafe
Born on the Fourth of July
Case of the Hillside Stranglers, The
Collision Course
Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt
Crusher Joe
Dracula's Widow
Dream Team, The
Dry White Season, A
Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives
Fast Food
Female Reporter (Shi jie da shai. Above the Law II)
Field of Dreams
Food of the Gods II
Forgotten, The
Freeway Maniac
Freeze Frame
Friday the 13th
Future Force
Ghost Writer
Gojira tai Biorante
Hajen som visste for mycket
Heart of Dixie
Home Fires Burning
I Know My First Name Is Steven
Intimidad (aka Intimacy)
January Man
Justin Case
Kill Slade
Kokoda Crescent
Lady in a Corner
Limit Up
Magical Eye, The
Main Azaad Hoon (“Meet John Doe” Bollywood Remake)
Manhunt: Search for the Night Stalker
Margaret Bourke-White
Marked for Murder
Midnight Warrior
Money, Power, Murder
Mother's Day
Music Box
Naked Lie
New York Stories
Nick Knight
Night Visitor
Old Flames
One Man Force
One Man Out
Out on Bail
Outside Woman, The
Perfect Witness
Preppie Murder, The
Prom Night III: The Last Kiss
Puente de Varsovia, El
Punisher, The
Quicker Than the Eye
Return of Sam McCloud, The
Roger & Me
Rose Garden, The
Rude Awakening
Rush Week
Ryan White Story, The
Sangre y arena
Satan's Storybook
Second Sight
See No Evil, Hear No Evil
Skin Deep
Slow Burn
Small Sacrifices
Stars and Roses (Oi Yan Tung Chi)
Sting in the Tail, A
Street Justice
Tango & Cash
Tank Malling
Three Fugitives
Trouble in Paradise
True Blue
U2: LoveTown
Unexplained Laughter
Up Your Alley
Veiled Threat
Vinasu senki
When Harry Met Sally
Worth Winning
Anything But Love (1989-1992) (T)
Coach (1989 to 1997) (T)
ENG (1989-1994) (T)
Esquire: About Men, for Women (1989-1990) (T)
FM (1989-1990) (T)
Holmes (1989) (T)
Major Dad (1989-1993) (T)
Mount Royal (T)
New Lassie, The (1989) (T)
Penn & Teller Get Killed (T)
Press Gang (1989-1993) (T)
Snakes and Ladders (1989) (T)
Studio 5B (1989) (T)
Saturday Night Live: "All About Eve" (T)
Tour of Duty: "Pushin' Too Hard" (T)
TV Episodes of: Crazy Like a Fox - Doctor, Doctor - Doogie Howser. M.D.
TV Episodes of: Just the Ten of Us - Kojak - Life Goes On - Living Dolls
TV Episodes of: Mancuso, FBI - Top of the Hill - Who's the Boss
Absolute Beginners (F)
Amadoro (F)
Ambition (F)
Army Blues (F)
B.O.L.O. (F)
Barbary Wharf: Battle for Possession (F)
Best Bet Gazette (F)
Bodily Harm (F)
Body an Soul (F)
Burned Woman, The (F)
California Gold (F)
Cheerio Killings, The (F)
Christine Martin Mysteries (1989-1998) (F)
Dear Digby (F)
Dori Bangs (F)
Ex-Lover (F)
Extra! Extra! (F)
Extreme Close-Up (F)
Fifth Grade S*T*A*R*S: Star Reporter (F)
Fire Brand (F)
Four Last Things, The (F)
Ghost (F)
House of Cards (F)
Journey Back to Love (F)
Intimacy (F)
Laugh Lines (F)
Man Who Heard Too Much, The (F)
Manhattan Is My Beat (F)
Memory of Snow and of Dust (F)
Midnight Club, The (F)
Midnight Examiner, The (F)
Mooncalf Murders (F)
Morning Affair, A (F)
Murder on Tour (F)
Out of the Darkness (F)
Primal Scene (F)
Rebel's Return (F)
Ruling Passions (F)
Savage Rogue (F)
South Street Confidential (F)
Star Reporter (F)
Stills (F)
Then Hang All the Liars (F)
Through Eyes of Love (F)
West End (F)
Yesterday's News: Novel of Suspense, A (F)
Linda Park (aka Linda Jasmine Park West) (Flash) (CB)
Return of Megaton Man (CB)
Mad Magazine: “Murphy Brown TV Satire” (H)
Blistex (CC)
Frosted Kellogg's Miniwheats (CC)
Everyday with Joan Lunden (1989-1991) (D)
Joan Rivers Show, The (1989-1994) (D)

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