Compiled by Joe Saltzman
(With the help of Richard Ness, Sammye Johnson)

Updated 5-2010

This Bibliography of The Image of the Gay Journalist in Popular Culture explores the image of the gay journalist and public relations practitioner in movies, television, novels, comic books and other areas of popular culture. It offers researchers a place to begin, a place to see what possibilities there are in the various popular culture subject areas.

This is a work in progress. Additions, changes, corrections will be made on a weekly basis. So it is a good idea to check the bibliography on a regular basis. To make the most effective use of this bibliography, it should be used in conjunction with the IJPC Database.

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(112 Titles)

2009 – Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Males Visibly Uncomfortable in the Presence of a Gay Foreigner in a Mesh T-Shirt
The “flaming Austrian gay reporter” Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen) was he tries to infiltrate the fashion world and become a star. Bruno attempts to seduce Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul. He also creates an outrage at an Ultimate Fighting Champion match by making out in the ring with another man. Bruno also tricks the Alabama National Guard into letting him onto their post, get into uniform and train to be an officer candidate. Bruno crashes a fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, wearing a velcro jumpsuit before being tackled by security. He also manages to crash another fashion runaway show in Paris. He has an African baby shipped to him and picks him up out of a box at airport baggage claim, to the astonishment of onlookers. Bruno says, “Madonna has one, Brangelina has one, and now I have one.” He goes on a talk show and proclaims he has given the child a traditional African name: “OJ.” Bruno also manages to crash a pro-Prop 8 rally.

2009 – Ghosted
Journalist Mei-Li (Ting-Ting Hu) is an ambitious and seductive journalist investigating the death of the Taiwanese lover of a Hamburg artist who finally succumbs to the lesbian journalist’s advances.

2009 – He’s Just Not That Into You
Gay journalists on newspaper help straight heroine with her romantic problems.

2008 – Milk
Advocate Editor and Publisher David Goodstein (Howard Rosenman) is shown being overly cautious in deciding whether to support Harvey Milk for public office and only comes aboard after Milk is successful. Various gay journalists cover the story.

2008 – Jay
Gay TV Reporter Jay Santiago (Baron Geiseler, a segment producer on a reality news drama program on Channel 8, documents the story of the family of a gay hate crime victim, also named Jay.

2008 – When Kiran Met Karen
Journalist Karen (Kelli Holsopple), a lesbian, meets a famous Bollywood actress, Kiran.

2008 – The Naughty Novelist
Journalist Darian (Darian Caine) moves into a new town looking to pick up some choice writing assignments to keep her career on track. She ends up writing about and becoming involved with lesbian lovers.

2008 – Antarctica
Gay Journalist Ronen (Guy ZoArtez) has been researching alien abductions and this brings him into contact with an eccentric woman who has written a best-seller about such experiences.

2008 – April Fool’s Day
Gay Gossip Columnist Charles Lansford (Joseph McKelheer) is being stalked by a killer.

2008 – Desperadas 2
Gay Reporter (Rey Salinel).

2008 – He Kills Coppers
Tabloid Journalist Tony Meehan (Steven Robertson) is an ambitious, closeted gay reporter who witnesses the murder of three policemen killed during the 1966 World Cup celebrations. The scoop changes his life – in sinister ways.

2008 – Dostana
Gay Editor (Boman Irani) of a fashion magazine in India

2008 – Walt Whitman: The American Experience
Reporter Walt Whitman starts out as a journalist and alienates every editor he works with. His sexual preference won’t come out until later.

2007 – And Then Came Love
Gay Newspaper Editor Stuart (Stephen Spinella) is an understanding boss to a single mom who tracks down the anonymous sperm donor who is the dad of her 6-year-old son.

2007 – Breakfast With Scot
Sportscaster Eric McNally (Thomas Cavanagh) is a former hockey player turned sports color commentator. He has been in a committed relationship for four years with Sam, a sports lawyer. When a boy named Scot enters their lives, their whole world changes.

2007 – Race You to the Bottom
Travel Journalist Nathan (Cole Williams) sees himself as essentially gay, a serial seducer. He’s assigned to write about romantic hotspots in the Napa Valley. He invites a woman to go with him for a passionate weekend getaway – the problem is she has a boyfriend, and so does Nathan.

2006 – In Her Line of Fire
Journalist Sharon Serrano, who works for the U.S. Vice President, is one of the survivors when the plane crashes near a remote South Pacific Island. When rebels capture the vice president, a lesbian secret service agent tries to rescue him and get all of them off the island alive. She and Sharon fall in love during the adventure.

2006 – Looking for Cheyenne (Oublier Cheyene)
Lesbian Journalist Cheyenne (Mila Dekker) has been downsized from her position as a journalist in Paris, can’t find another job and can’t afford to live without the government handouts that are about to be cut off. She leaves her high school teacher lover and tries to live “off the grid” scavenging for food and living in a cottage with no electricity or running water.

2006 – The Devil Wears Prada
Nigel (Stanley Tucci) serves as Runway magazine’s creative director and fashion consultant.
James Holt (Daniel Sunjata) works at Runway in the beauty department. Both are considered gays.

2006 – Mom (Big Dreams in Little Hopes)
Aspiring TV Investigative Reporter Kelly (Emily Burton) is an uptight lesbian and market researcher. Cameraperson Linda (Julie Goodman) educates her.

2006 – The Yacoubian Building (Omaret Yakobean)
Gay Newspaper Editor Hatem Rashid (Khaled El-Sawy) is a resident in a 70-year-old building.

2006 – Cannibal Taboo
Investigative Reporter (Regina Russell) is seduced by one of the children of a family of serial murders and ritual killings.

2006 – Bulldog in the White House
Reporter Bulldog (Todd Verow) seduces his way into the Washington Press Corps. To gain access to the halls of the political elite and engages in a manipulative tryst with the demure Press Secretary (Jono Mainelli)

2006 – Boys Love
Magazine Editor Taishin Akira Maimiya (Kotni Yoshikazu) is a conservative, young editor who sets out to profile a teen model. The two continue their interview over dinner and dinner leads to a romantic relationship.

2006 – Whispering Moon (Das Flustern des Mondes)
Documentarians Jannis (Julian Stampfer) and Patrick (Dominik Harti) infiltrate a circus to shoot an undercover documentary exposing an underground political conspiracy responsible for a recent spate of assassination attempts. Jannis is a cute, young gay man and his adorable mute boyfriend is Patrick.

2006 – Dirty Laundry
Gay African-American Magazine Writer Sheldon (Rockmond Dunbar) who calls himself Patrick when he lives in New York City and returns to his childhood home in Georgia for a brief visit with his conservative, religious family. While hiding his homosexuality from his loved ones, he learns a shocking secret about his past that will change his life forever. His naïve lover Ryan follows him from New York.

2006 – Infamous
Journalist Truman Capote (Toby Jones) writes "In Cold Blood" and creates a new form of journalism, the non-fiction novel. The dogged reporter is an acknowledged gay man.

2005 – Capote
Journalist Truman Capote (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is an acknowledged gay man. He is doing a story for the new Yorker about the murder of a modest farm family slaughtered in their home in Holcomb, Kansas one horrible night.

2005 – Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous
Gay Publicist Joel Meyers (Diedrich Bader) presents every extreme caricature about gays possible.

2005 – Pretty Persuasion
Lesbian Reporter Jane Krakowski

2005 – Third Man Out
Gay Journalist John Rutka (Jack Wetherall) is a muck-raking gay journalist who runs a webzine dedicated to outing prominent closeted homophobes. Someone is trying to kill him – and eventually does.

2005 – Macho Undercover (aka Macho im Schleudergang)
Magazine Journalist Chris (Thomas Morris) works for a woman's magazine where the editor hires only women and gay men.

2005 – Where the Truth Lies
Journalist Karen O’Connor (Alison Lohman) is known for her celebrity profiles. She digs into a decade-old murdeer that led to the breakup of a nightclub and TV comedy team. She has a sexual encounter with a female singer dressed up as Alice in Wonderland.

2004 – 13 Going on 30 (aka Suddenly 30)
Gay Editor-in-Chief (Andy Serkis) is a hip journalist at a women’s magazine called Poise.

2004 – American Crime
Lesbian TV Producer Jane Berger (Annabella Sciorra) kisses Reporter Jesse St. Claire, and gets fired when she massages and touches the breasts of a woman she is interviewing.

2004 – A Home at the End of the World
Food Columnist Jonathan Glover is openly gay and lives in New York City. He dresses in leather and has random sex with men he meets at the movie theater, but he is lonely, introspective and unsure of himself. He is in love with Bobby, and with Clare in a romantic triangle.

2004 – Kis Kis Ki Kismat
Gossip Reporter Khalid is still in the closet, although he displays many of the characteristics of a gay stereotype. A woman who works for a magazine run by her uncle and aunt, is mistaken as a famous miserly millionaire’s mistress and the scandal is lapped up by the press.

2003 – The Far Side of the Moon (La Face Cachee de la Lune)
Gay TV Meteorologist Andre (Robert LePage) has little in common with his older sibling Philippe, a forty-something doctoral student who repeatedly failed to defend his dissertation. But when Philippe receives an invitation to Russia to present his theories on the competitive exploration of the cosmos, Andre is the only person whom he can turn to for support.

2003 – Jeepers Creepers II
Gay School Newspaper Sports Reporter Izzy Bohen (Travis Schiffner) is a brainy and closeted gay on a school bus filled with high school varsity athletes, cheerleader girlfriends, coaches and the team’s equipment manager all returning home from a championship game. Bohen is the target of anti-gay remarks. The bus becomes stranded and the Creeper wants to kill everyone in its grisly ritual feast.

2003 – Goldfish Memory
Lesbian Reporter Angie (Flora Montgomery).

2003 – Bombay Longing
Lesbian Journalist struggles to see how the people of Indian perceive her.

2003 – The Hole
Reporter Benny Benson (Tag Eriksson) investigates a videotape that turns its viewers into homosexuals within a week. He investigates the phenomenon and watches the tape himself.

2003 – The Reporter
Gay Male Reporter investigates the heart and soul of life in the hood and finds gay sex everywhere in this adult film.

2003 – La Turbulence Des Fluides (aka Chaos and Desire)
Journalist Catherine (Julie Gayet) is a lesbian who ends up with a local female policewoman after her old friend from college rejects her.

2002 – The Trip
Conservative Journalist Alan Oakley (Larry Sullivan) becomes romantically involved with a gay activist Tom.

2002 – Fixing Frank
Investigative Journalist Frank Johnson (Andrew Elvis Miller) is a gay reporter.

2001 – Amy’s Orgasm
Publicist Janet Gaines (Caroline Aaron) is a lesbian.

2001 – Friends and Family (aka Friends & Family)
Gay Music Critic is brought in to give mobsters a crash course in gay culture, all things lavender when a gay couple who are hit men for the Mafia must pose as cliché, mincing homosexuals who run a catering company.

2001 – All Over the Guy
Journalist Eli (Dan Buscatinsky) works for a major Los Angeles newspaper, is single and gay, and makes no secret of the fact that he’s looking for a nice guy with which to settle down.

2001 – A Family Affair
Freelance Writer Rachel (Helen Lesnick) is a native New York who after an unpleasant breakup with her girlfriend decides to move to San Diego where she discovers that getting her career as a freelance writer going again is harder than she expected.

2001 – Homo Heights
Investigative Reporter Tootsie (Grant Richey) plans to do an investigative expose on the mafia chief who is also en ebullient drag queen and media manipulator. Tootsie’s boyfriend is tomcat Cruise.

2001 – Kissing Jessica Stein
Journalist Jessica Stein (Jenifer Westfeldt) has had no luck with men so she answers a woman-seeking-woman personals ad and meets a female artist, falls in love, and then doesn’t have the courage to become a lesbian.

2001 – Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction
TV Investigative Journalist Katie Jordan, a tabloid reporter, gets involved with a female inmate infected with the Erotic Witch life force.

2001 – The Map of Sex and Love (Quingse ditu)
Chinese-American Documentary maker returns to Hong Kong to make a documentary about the imminent opening of a new Disney theme park. He meets a gay dancer and falls in love with him.

2001 – Vegas Reporter
Reporter (Sadie Sexton) interviews various adult stars in a variety of sexual situations. Adult.

2000 – Reporter On Tour
Gay Reporter covers the male sex scene in this adult film

1999 – Aimee & Jaguar
Jewish Journalist Jaguar-Felice Schragenheim) falls in love with the wife of a Nazi officer.

1998 – The Object of My Affection
Theatre Critic Rodney Fraser (Nigel Hawthorne) is gay.

1998 – Velvet Goldmine
British Journalist Arthur Stuart (Christian Bale) is a gay investigative reporter trying to find out why a 1970s glam rock star faked his own death.

1998 – Gods and Monsters
Young Reporter adores the horror films of Director James “Jimmy” Whale’s talents, and comes to interview him. The director tells the lanky college reporter, who is gay, that he will answer any questions whatsoever that the reporter poses so long as the reporter takes off a piece of clothing for every question.

1998 – Primary Colors
Lesbian Media Consultant Libby Holden (Kathy Bates) is drafted to nullify the potent threat of negative media reporting.

1998 – High Art
Assistant Editor Syd (Radha Mitchell) of Frame Magazine encourages enigmatic lesbian Photographer Lucy Berliner (Ally Sheedy) to shoot new pictures for the magazine. As the photo assignment continues, Syd and Lucy develop a strong attraction for each other.

1998 – Life of a Gigolo
Columnist Danielle (Lauren Hays) is a bisexual journalist who decides to do a story on gigolos.

1998 – Crocodile Tears
Syndicated Sex Columnist Carl (Dan Savage) is the former lover of a man who is tested positive for HIV and sells his soul to the devil.

1997 – My Best Friend’s Wedding
Gay British Editor George Downes (Rupert Everett) goes to Chicago posing as the fiancé to his restaurant critic Julianne “Jules” Porter so she can win back an old boyfriend.

1997 – David Searching
Documentarian David Searching (Anthony Rapp) is an idealistic gay documentary filmmaker trying to get a project off the ground, trying to deal with the complexities of funding latest project and the labyrinth that is PBS

1997 – In and Out
Tabloid TV Reporter Peter Malloy (Tom Selleck) is an openly gay reporter.

1997 – Hong Kong Night Club (aka Hon Kon daiyasokai: Tatchi & Magi – Touch & Maggie)
Gay Journalist Takegami (Kishitani Goro) and his straight photographer Shibata (Katori Shingo) are teamed up to uncover the “dark side” of Hong Kong and when they find it they have to run for their life pretending to be a Japanese couple on their honeymoon with Shibata dressing up as a woman Maggie.

1997 – Private Gold 28: Reporter
Reporters (Katarina Martinez and Violetta) do a report in Budapest about nasty orgies and sex scenes. Adult.

1995 – Thin Ice
African-American Gay Photojournalist Steiff (Sabra Williams) is based in London and is also an amateur doubles figure skater hoping to compete in, as well as cover, the New York’s Gay Games. When she breaks up with her significant other and desperate for a skating partner, she sets her sights on a repressed young female skater as a replacement. She befriends and then seduces the vulnerable young woman.

1994 – Ready To Wear (Pret-A-Porter)
Lesbian Photojournalist Fiona Ulrich (Lili Taylor)

1993 – Love & Human Remains
Book Critic Candy (Ruth Marshall) questions her own sexuality and has a lesbian affair to see if she would be happier with a woman.

1992 – The Living End
Film Critic Jon (Craig Gilmore), a relatively timid and pessimistic movie critic, and a drifter hit the road as fugitive gay lovers who are HIV positive.

1992 – The Other Woman
Reporter Jessica Mathews (Lee Anne Beaman) for The Daily Tribune, rescues a woman from her pimp, then sleeps with her. Her editor says her lifestyle “compromises the moral standards of the paper.”

1992 – Stormy Weathers (MT)
Journalist Bogey (Diane Salinger), a lesbian, wants to go to a Catholic School reunion.

1991 – Inconvenient Woman (Miniseries)
Gossip Columnist Cyril (Roddy McDowall) is gay and powerful.

1989 – Paprika
Female Reporter, dressed as a man, comes to a brothel, has sex with Parika, a young country girl who works in a brothel.

1988 – Jungrauenmaschine, Die (aka Virgin Machine)
Journalist Dorothee Muller (Ina Blum) researches romantic love in Hamburg, goes to San Francisco, is introduced to the lesbian scene, and discovers her own homosexuality.

1988 – Straight for the Heart (A corps perdu)
Bisexual Reporter-Photojournalist Pierre Kurwenal (Matthias Habich) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who comes back to Montreal profoundly shocked by the horrors he has seen in Central America and doubting his worth as a journalist. The only thing that kept him afloat through this ordeal was the idea of home and the man and the woman he loves dearly for the last 10 years have left him. He starts a photographic report on Montreal and with each picture, he slowly heals himself.

1986 – Rockabye
Tabloid Reporter Victoria Garcia (RachelTicotin) is a chain-smoking, ambitious, pistol-packing journalist who helps a distraught mother comb New York City for her missing son. In the book, Garcia is a lesbian and the homosexual context is underneath the surface in this film.

1985 – St. Elmo’s Fire
Obituary Writer Kevin (Andrew McCarthy) is a not-so-happy journalist who fears that he might be gay.

1985 – Kiss of the Spider Woman
Journalist Valentin Arregui (Raul Julia) is jailed for his leftist political activities and shares the same cell in a brutal South American prison with a flamboyant homosexual widow dresser who is imprisoned for corrupting a minor. By the end of the movie, the two men share love and passion.

1982 – Tenebrae
Journalist-Feminist Activist Tilde (Mirella D’angelo) and her promiscuous bisexual lover are killed by a serial killer.

1982 – Another Way (Egymasra nezve)
Journalist Eva Szalanczky (Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak) works on a weekly newspaper called The Truth after the 1956 uprising in Hungary. She sleeps with her co-worker, Livia (Grazyna Szapolowska).1982 – Evil Under the Sun
Gossip Columnist Rex Brewster (Roddy McDowall) is considered a gay character.

1980 – Paul Raymond’s Erotica
French Reporter Brigitte Lahie is invited by Paul Raymond to explore some of Soho’s most erotic hot spots and finds lesbian lovers in this adult film.

1980 – Without Love
Reporter Ewa becomes a journalist on a popular Warsaw weekly magazine and will do anything to get ahead. Lesbian love story.

1977 – A Special Day (Una Giornata Particolare)
Gay Journalist and Radio Announcer Gabriele (Marcello Mastroianni) now works in public relations for a department store after being fired for failing to meet the station’s standards. It turns out he was removed for being anti-Fascist.

1977 – Emanuelle Around the World
Photojournalist Nera Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) pools her talents with another reporter to expose a white slavery ring.

1976 – Female Chauvinists
Lesbian Journalist Boopsie (Roxanne Brewer) goes undercover to infiltrate a training camp run by militant lesbian feminists to get the story – and a lot more in this adult film.

1976 – Emanuelle in Bangkok (aka Emanuelle near orient reportage)
Photojournalist Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) travels to Bangkok hoping to take photographs of the King of Thailand for an American magazine and enjoys bisexual relationships along the way.

1975 – Emanuelle nera (Black Emanuelle, Emanuelle in Africa)
Photojournalist Mae Jordan (Laura Gemser), known to her readers as “Emanuelle” travels to Africa on assignment and questions her own racial and sexual identity as she observes the troubled marriage of her hosts. She finds herself in affairs with both the man and the woman before she leaves Africa.

1975 – Death Race 2000
Reporter Junior Bruce (Don Steele) exhibits characteristics of the gay stereotype. He is the field reporter for the race, obnoxious and covers the race with a perpetual grin. One of the race car drivers runs him over at the end of the film.

1974 – The Front Page
Reporter Roy V. Bensinger (David Wayne) shows gay characteristics.

1972 – Women in Revolt
Lesbian Journalist played by a man (Jonathan Kramer) from the New York Times strips away pretensions of a bored society deb socialite and forces her to confront her sordid past. He seeks even more lurid confessions, then assaults her and leaves the woman shattered on the floor: “I think I got the story I came for.”

1972 – Lonely Killers (Les Tueurs Fous)
Gay Journalist (Georges Amine) is one of the clients of two young gays who decide that they had enough of petty crime and prostitution and go on a rampage stealing high-powered rifles from the reporter and a series of cars to carry out their reckless and vicious crimes.

1971 – Fancy Lady
Danish Reporter Karin Nykquist (Uschi Digard) goes to San Francisco to investigate the sexual goings-on in that city and how it is similar or different to Copenhagen. She ends up getting involved in lesbian activities.

1970 – Myra Breckinridge
Gay Film Critic Myron Breckinridge (Rex Reed) goes to Denmark to change sex and arrives in Hollywood as the stunningly beautiful Myra Breckinridge (Raquel Welch).

1970 – Trader Hornee
Lesbian Journalist Tender Lee (Lisa Grant) is part of an expedition in Africa to search for the missing daughter of two zoologists who disappeared in the jungle 21 years ago.

1968 – The Legend of Lylah Clare
Gossip Columnist Molly Luther (Cora Browne) is a Hedda Hopper-type gossip columnist who shows lesbian characteristics.

1954 – A Star Is Born
Gossip Columnist Artie Carver (Grady Sutton) is considered a gay character.

1948 – The Velvet Touch
Columnist Jeff Trent (Dan Tobin) is a Broadway columnist whose newspaper column is "Broadway Chatter." He is a duplicitous lapdog, obviously gay even as he squires a buxom starlet to a premiere.

1946 – House of Horrors
Art Critic Hal Ormiston (Howard Freeman) has a "mincing walk" and is considered a gay character.

1944 – Laura
Columnist Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb) is a cynical, sarcastic, conceited journalist who displays many of the characteristics of a gay stereotype.

1940 – His Girl Friday
Reporter Roy V. Bensinger (Ernest Truex) displays many of the characteristics of a gay stereotype.

1939 – Cafe Society
Gossip Columnist Sonny DeWitt (Allyn Joslyn) is a bitchy journalist. Joslyn says the character he played was definitely gay.

1933 – Orient Express
Reporter Mabel Warren (Dorothy Burgess) is an abrasive journalist. In the novel, she is a

1933 – Anna und Elisabeth (aka Anna and Elizabeth)
Female Reporter dressed like a man comes to exploit the story of Anna and Elizabeth as news.

1931 – The Front Page
Reporter Roy Bensinger (Edward Everett Horton) of the Tribune displays many of the characteristics of a gay stereotype.

1931 – Five Star Final
Cub Reporter-Copy Boy Arthur Goldberg displays all of the characteristics of a gay stereotype.

1929 – Big News
Society Editor Vera (Cupid Helen Ainsworth) dresses like a man and takes abuse because of gay life (never stated explicitly).

1929 – Desert Song
Society Reporter Benny Kidd (Johnny Arthur) is supposedly in Morocco for his health. He is considered a gay character.


(34 Titles)

2009 – Horne & Corden (Episode Six)
Gay TV Journalist Tim Goodall is more interested in sipping Pina Colada and discussing how fit the soldiers are in Basra than delivering breaking news.

2007 – Dirt: Ita Missa Est (Episode)
Editor Tina Harrod (Jennifer Aniston) used to have a sexual relationship with the straight-identified editor Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox).

2007 – The DL Chronicles (Series)
Journalist Chadwick Williams (Damien Toofek Raven) pursues research for a book about men who have sex with men. DL stands for “Down Low,” a slang term used to refer to African-American men who identify as being straight, but who secretly engaged in sexual activity with men.

2007 – The Life and Times of Vivienne Vyle (Series)
PR Adviser Miriam (Christopher Ryan) is a transsexual

2007-2009 – The Lair (Series)
Journalist Thom Atherton (David Moretti), a local gay reporter on a small island town, investigates the mysterious John Doe murders, which leads him to a private gentlemen’s club called The Lair.

2006-2009 – Ugly Betty (Series)
Marc St. James (Michael Urie) is a gay assistant on fashion magazine Mode.
Tabloid TV Reporter Suzuki St. Pierre (Alec Mapa) is a gay gossip reporter

2006 – Veronica Mars: Versatile Toppings (Episode)
High School TV Reporter Kylie Marker announces to the audience that she is gay and then outs her girlfriend.

2006 – Love Monkey (Series)
Gay Sportscaster

2004-2009 – The L Word (Series)
Journalist Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) is gay magazine writer and then TV personality.

2004 – (Series)
Columnist Oscar Cherniak (Shawn Erker) of Truth ‘n’ Rumours comes out about his bisexuality.

2004 – Cold Case: It’s Raining Men (Episode)
Columnist Carson Finch is a conservative journalist with a vicious way with words. He is also
a gay who stays in the closet.

2004 – Will & Grace: Company (Episode)
Jack, a gay man, is asked to do a documentary on Cher.

2003 – Da Ali G. (HBO Series)
Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter, is wildly flamboyant in every way.

2003 – South Park: South Park is Gay (Episode)
Gay Field Reporter – everybody tries to be the gayest when homosexuality becomes hip in South Park.

2002 – Greg the Bunny: Surprise! (Episode)
TV Guide Reporter Laura Carlson (Sasha Alexander) is doing an article on the show and develops an interest in the network representative Alison Kaiser (Sarah Silverman). She kisses Kaiser at a party and they go home together.

2002 – Queer as Folk (Episode)
Gay Columnist-Author Howard Bellweather, the moral conscience of the gay community, writes a scathing editorial against a man who wins a Hero award. He publicly protests that the man’s lifestyle makes him unworthy of the honor.

2001 – Some of My Best Friends (Series)
Gay Magazine Writer Warren Fairbanks (Jason Bateman) is down-on-his-luck, has been laid off from his job as a magazine writer, is two months behind on his rent and has just been dumped by his roommate of two years. He desperately needs a roommate to help pay the rent on his Greenwich Village apartment.

2001- 2003 – Locker Room (Series)
Reporter Nina, a transsexual in this sports magazine-variety show. Reporting and sketch comedy on sports themes from a gay perspective.

2001 – Sex and the City – Defining Moments and subsequent episodes
Publicist Samantha has a lesbian relationship

1999 – Queer as Folk UK (Series)
Public Relations Practitioner Stuart Jones (Aida Gillen) is manager of a PR agency, rich, always the center of attention and drop-dead gorgeous. He doesn’t do boyfriends – just a new man every night.

1997-2009 – Breakers (Australian Series)
Journalist Lucy Hill (Louise Crawford) is bisexual and tutor Kelly is her gay romantic interest.

1995 – Muscle (Series)
TV Anchor Bronwyn Jones (Amy Pietz) is an in-the-closet lesbian news reporter for the local TV station who is being blackmailed

1995 – Live Shot: Decisions, Decisions (Episode)
Radical group plans to reveal name of closeted gay in local broadcast journalism. Sportscaster Lou Waller fears he will be named.

1995 – Nanny, The: Oy Vey, You’re Gay (Episode)
Publicist Sydney Mercer (Catherine Oxenberg) is gay.

1994-2004 – Frasier (Series)
Gay Food Critic Gilbert “Gil” Chesterton (Edward Hibbert) is host of the show “Restaurant Beat” on KACL. A pompous, catty, effeminate, over-refined character who wears a trademark bow tie, believed by his coworkers to be in the closet. In the final show, Gil is seen covertly going into a gay bar, Bad Billy’s.

1992 – Murphy Brown: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are (Episode)
Publicist Rick is gay.

1990 -- Cop Rock: Cop-a-Feeliac (Episode)
Reporter Lyle Barry (Ralph Bruneau) is a gay journalist doing an article outing gays.

1989 – Night Court: Passion Plundered (Episode)
Journalist Pamela Hammond (Annette McCarthy) has two secrets: she writes romance novels and doesn’t want anone to know that because it might jeopardize her standing as a legitimate journalist. And she’s a lesbian.

1989-1992 – Anything But Love (Series)
Gay Editorial Supervisor Jules Bennett (Richard Frank) is partially in the closet, but exhibits characteristics of a gay stereotype.

1981 – Country (Episode)
Gay Journalist Philip Carlion (James Fox) is a member of a rich family struggling with the 1945 general election in Britain.

1974-1977 – The Box (British Series)
Journalist Vicki Stafford (Judy Nunn) is a bitchy reporter, who in the first episode of this British series engaged in a lesbian kiss.

1974-1975 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Series)
Reporter Ron Updyke (Jack Grinnage) of the Independent News Service is a fledging society reporter who displays many of the characteristics of a gay stereotype. Kolchak nicknames him "Up Tight" and he is described as "effeminate" and "prissy." His character is often used for comic relief.

1974 – Number 96 (Australia Series)
Journalist Paul Mathews (David Whitford) and Photographer Bruce Taylor (Paul Weingott) have sexual relationships with Lawyer Don Finlayson.

1968 – Laura (Individual Program)
Columnist Waldo Lydecker (George Sanders) is a cynical, sarcastic, conceited journalist who displays many characteristics of a gay stereotype.



1999 – The Paul Henrie Show
TV Entertainment Reporter-Columnist Doug Dannger (Voice: Phil Henrie) is a gay man and a gay journalist.


(16 Titles)

2002-2005: Lillian Byrd – Elizabeth Sims
Reporter Lillian Byrd is a freelance writer, lesbian and amateur sleuth.
Holy Hell (2002), Damn Straight (2003), Lucky Stiff (2004), Easy Street (2005)

2002-2004: Rick Domino – Jon P. Bloch
Gossip Columnist Rick Domino is a gay journalist.
Best Murder of the Year (2002), Murder By Design (2004)

1998-2001: Lexy Hyatt – Carlene Miller
Reporter Lexy Hyatt, a lesbian newspaper reporter on the Ledger in Florida.
Killing at the Cat (1998), Mayhem at the Marina (1999), Reporter on the Run (2001).

1997-2004: Mark Manning – Michael Craft
Mark Manning starts out as an investigative journalist of the Chicago Journal, a Clark Kent with a gay twist. Then he becomes editor-publisher of the Dumont Register newspaper in Wisconsin.
Flight Dreams (1997), Eye Contact (1998), Body Language (1999), Name Games (2000). Boy Toy (2001), Hot Spot (2002), Bitch Slap (2004).

1996-2006: Benjamin Justice – John Morgan Wilson
Reporter Benjamin Justice is an HIV-positive, disgraced prize-winning journalist temporarily laboring as a civil servant.
Simple Justice (1996), Revision of Justice (1997), Justice at Risk (1999), The Limits of Justice (2000), Blind Eye (2003), Moth and Flame (2004), Rhapsody in Blood (2006).

1996-2002: Sandra Kahn – Maud Tabachnik (France)
American Journalist Sandra Kahn of the San Francisco News is a lesbian reporter.
The Feast of the Spider (1996), Gemini (1998), The Tango Assassins (2000), A Rotten Summer (2001), Bad Brother (2002).

1995-1999: Todd Mills – R.D. Zimmerman
TV Reporter Todd Mills of Minneapolis is a closeted gay.
Closet (1995), Tribe (1996), Hostage (1997), Outburst (1998), Innuendo (1999).

1994-2005: Mimi Patterson – Penny Mickelbury
African-American Lesbian Reporter Mimi Patterson is an investigative journalist working with her lover, Lt. Gianna Maglione, head of the hate crimes unit of the Washington D.C. police.
Keeping Secrets (1994), Night Songs (1995), Love Notes (2001), Darkness Descending (2005).

1994-1995: Carmen Ramirez – Lisa Haddock
Editor Carmen Ramirez is a 24-year-old Irish-Puerto Rican lesbian copy editor at her hometown newspaper in Frontier City, Oklahoma.
Edited Out (1994), Final Cut (1995).

1994-1997: Lynn Evans – Claudia McKay
Journalist Lynn Evans is a lesbian and an investigative reporter at the Hartford Chronicle
The Kali Connection (1994), Twist of Lime (1997).

1993-2005: Paul Turner – Mark Richard Zubro
Reporter Ian Hume for the Gay Tribune is a friend and former lover of Detective Paul Turner, Chicago’s finest gay detective.
Sorry Now? (1991), Political Poison (1993), Another Dead Teenager (1995), The Truth Can Get You Killed (1997), Drop Dead (1999), Sex and (2001), Dead Egotistical Morons (2003), Nerds Who Kill (2005), Hook, Line and Homicide (2007).

1993-1995: Royce Madison – Kieran York
Reporter Gwen Ives is the lesbian girlfriend of Timber County’s acting sheriff Royce Madison.
Timber City Masks (1993), Crystal Mountain Veils (1995).

1992-1995: Kate Brannigan – Val McDermid
Crime Reporter Alexis Lee on the Manchester Evening Chronicle is a lesbian newspaper writer who helps PI Kate Brannigan.
Dead Beat (1992), Kick Back (1993), Crack Down (1994), Clean Break (1995), Blue Genes (1996).

1987-2003: Lindsay Gordon – Val McDermid
Journalist Lindsay Gordon is a Scottish journalist and United Kingdom’s first lesbian detective.
Report for Murder (1987), Common Murder (1989), Final Edition aka Deadline for Murder, Open and Shut (1991), Conferences Are Murder aka Union Jack (1993), Booked for Murder (1997), Hostage To Murder (2003).

1982 to 1988: Nyla Wade – Vicki McConnell
Reporter Nyla Wade is a lesbian journalist working in Oregon.
Mrs. Porter's Letter (1982), The Burton Windows (1984), Double Daughter (1988).

1970 to 1991: David Brandstetter – Joseph Hansen
African-American TV Reporter Cecil Harris has a long-term relationship with David Brandstetter, an insurance claims investigator.
Fadeout (1970), Death Claims (1973), Troublemaker (1975), The Man Everybody Was Afraid Of (1978), Skinflick (1979), Gravedigger (1982), Nightwork (1984), The Little Dog Laughed (1986), Early Graves (1987), Obedience (1988), The Boy Who Was Buried This Morning (1990), Country of Old Men (1991).


(89 Titles)

2009 – Accidental Rebels – Kelly Sinclair
Gay Reporter Mandy is a young journalist hung up on God and women. She is one of three closeted women who are about to shake things up in the summer of 1989 in the small Texas town of Tantona where to be op enly gay is to be notorious.

2009 – Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells – EM Lynley
Columnist Kieran Quinn is famous for his snarky, sardonic columns, but he’s still looking for Mr. Right. Could the groom of a run-away bride turn out to be that man?

2009 – Primal Red – Nicole Kimberling
Reporter Peter Fontaine writes for a free weekly newspaper in Bellingham. Nick Olson is a reclusive painter. When Fontaine sees Nick, he knows this is the man he has been looking for all of his life.

2009 – Soft Focus – Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine
Freelance Photographer Ethan Bouwer finds love on a safari with a mysterious man.

2009 – The Ballad of Jimothy Redwing – Maia Strong
Gay Minstrel Jimothy Redwing is used to life on the road making a living with news ballads and living by the words and music that are his stock in trade. Then he meets a friendly male stranger and his life changes.

2009 – Hope in a Jar – Beth Harbison
New York Magazine Beauty Editor Olivia Pelham is a cool and successful magazine who realizes she’s lonely and finally ready to face her demons. Twenty years ago, Pelham was the smart one and her best friend Allie Denty was the pretty one. Throughout high school, they were inseparable, until a vicious rumor about Olivia being gay, a rumor too close to the truth, ended their friendship. Now, on the eve of their 20th high school reunion, Allie, a temp worker, finds herself suddenly single, a little chubby and feeling old. Will Olivia and Allie create a lesbian relationship long denied?

2008 – Murphy’s Hero – G.A. Hauser
Editor Adrian Mackenzie of a famous erotic gay magazine is about to get the scoop of the decade. The crime-ridden city seems to have a savior, a mysterious man who is righting wrongs, protecting innocents and as luck would have it, is extremely hot. When Adrian happens to stumble upon the Good Samaritan in action he falls hard and fast discovering love and Alexander’s true identity. Alexander Parker has always been painfully shy and his job at the British Museum keeps him busy. Dedicated and serious, no one is more surprised than Alexander when the replica of a Greek warrior’s helmet he impulsively places on his head suddenly transforms him from mild-mannered clerk into something else entirely. Now if Adrian can only get Alexander to come out of the closet. But is the world ready for a gay superhero?

2008 – Passing for Black – Lynn E. Harris
African-American Magazine Writer Angela Wright throws her orderly life into chaos when she begins a passionate affair with a woman. And not just any woman – her undercover love is a professor in the provocative humanities department and is the nemesis of Angela’s fiancé, a university professor of African-American studies. Wright is smart, a terrific observer both fair and passionate, an intrepid journalist trapped in the body of a nice gir

2008 – Journeys – Anne Azel
Reporter Lauri returns to South Africa to ask her friend Danielle to show her the new South Africa. She hopes to win Danny's heart, but Danny is held back by her strict religious upbringing.

2008 – Whispering Pines – Mavis Applewater
Former Reporter Faith Charles spends a night in a haunted house with a female paranormal investigator and as they begin their adventure they find love along the way.

2008 – Beyond Machu – William Maltese
Gay Reporter Dan Green turns a routine travel piece into an expose of illicit archeological finds and meets a handsome, sexy man along the way. Patrick's mother is a television reporter.

2008 -- Magic Happens – Cathy Corcoran
Public Relations Consultant Kate Driscoll is a recovering alcoholic who lives in a Boston suburb with her engineer husband and six-year-old daughtger. She has an affair with Lou, a female instructor at the gym.

2008 – Saving Frank Casey – Bill Finnegan
Public Relations Practitioner Robbie Beck is a PR and advertising whiz whose partner is a lesbian legal lawyer.

2008 – Miami Manhunt – Johnny Diaz
Movie Critic Ray Martinez of the Miami News would give the gay dating scene a one-star review. Tired of hooking up with sculpted, shallow hunks who use books as towel weight, Ray is thrilled to finally meet a man he wants to take home to meet his parents.

2008 – Stormy Weather – Chrissy Munder
TV Meterologist Grant Singer hooks up with a cute waiter at his favorite restaurant, Craig.

2008 – A Policy of Lies – Astrid Amara
Aspiring Reporter Levi Kaszeri survived a brutal rebellion 20 years ago on the mining colony of Tarus 9. After the violent attack he is rescued and seduced by a young doctor with a dangerous past and a slave tattoo.

2008 – Object of My Obsession – Cara North
Sex Columnist Sonja Love of the Cali Chronicle is bisexual and two popular actors are her two lovers.

2008 – Gregori’s Ghost – Sarah Black
Ukrainian Journalist Alexi Temchanko finds a male doctor irresistible.

2008 – Ghost 2: Giving Up the Ghost – Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow
Gay Reporter has an eye on more than a good story in Florida.

2008 – The Pajama Boy – Ginger Mayersen
Newspaperman Rhyuu Shimada of Nagasaki falls in love with a young guy who resembles his lost love in Tokyo.

2008 – Brackets – AKM Miles
Photojournalist Austin Edmunds is a loner until he gets a new assignment in the Smokey Montains and meets country boy Brack Edge.

2008 – Inking Aaron – Cheryl Dragon
Public Relations Executive Aaron is half in and half out of the closet when he falls for a Hindu in Las Vegas who is a tattoo artist and wants Aaron all to himself – for love and ink.

2008 – Single Shot Classic: Do You Believe in Magic – Drew Zachary
Entertainment Critic Craig Boston gives a terrible review to an illusionist who matches into his office to give him a piece of his mind. But the illusionist didn’t expect the critic to be drop dead gorgeous. Now he hopes to get to know him a lot better.

2008 – Lake Effect Snow – C.P. Rowlands
War Correspondent Annie T. Booker, a renowned international news correspondent, has covered Iraq for three years when a friend and colleague is killed, and Annie is injured in Baghdad. Her name is on the Iraqi hit list and her TV network insists the FBI be in her life full time. Senior FBI agent Sarah Moore is assigned to her case. And suddenly there is a new woman in Annie’s life.

2008 – Death of a Blues Angel – Sarah Black
Gay Reporter Deke Davis teams up with a Mississippi Blues guitarist to solve a murder in the turbulent 1960s. They have to find the murderer before past secrets explode into racial violence and destroy the love growing between them.

2008 – Elected – Pepper Espinoza
Gay News Producer Owen Horn, former Democratic strategist, falls in love with Sam Delgao, key Republican strategist on election night.

2008 – The Game – Jeanne Barrack
Reporter Shari Nelson is a freelance journalist in love with a male NYPD vice detective, but she also has strong feelings with her female roommate that she has acted upon before.

2008 – Heart of the Matter – KI Thompson
TV Newscaster Kate Foster is sexy and smart but she doesn’t realize her next-door neighbor Ellen Webster, a professor of history, is madly in love with her. But when she is in an automobile accident, Kate realizes Ellen may be the one for her.

2008 – Blind Curves – Diane Anderson-Minshall
Investigative Reporter Velvet Erikson is the prime suspect in the murder of lesbian Publisher Rosemary Finney, who also happens to be her ex-lover.

2008 – Calendar Boys – March: Kiss Me – Jamie Craig
Freelance Photographer Mal Donnelly doesn’t bat an eye at the special St. Patrick’s Day photo-shoot on the set of a gay pornographic film until he goes to dinner with the film’s star and their mutual attraction is overwhelming to both of them.

2007 – Blind Curves – Diane and Jacob Anderson-Minshall
San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Velvet Erikson is accused of killing wealthy lesbian magazine publisher Rosemary Finney, her former lover.

2007 – On a Bus to St. Cloud – Patrick Braesel
TV Reporter John Ramirez meets his male assistant and his life changes

2007 – Capote in Kansas – Kim Powers

2007 – Anything For a Byline – Sean Michael
Journalist Nat needs his first byline to break into the journalism business. His old friend and newshound Al sets the gay journalist up for an interview that turns out to be more than he bargained for.

2007 – Boston Boys Club – Johnny Diaz
Reporter Tommy Perez recently relocated from Miami to Boston to take a reporting job on The Boston Daily. He is finding it hard to break away from his tight-knit Cuban family, but his homesickness goes into rapid remission when he meets Mikey, a blue-eyed boyish guidance counselor from Cape Cod.

2007 – Love in an Elevator – Sean Michael
Freelance Photographer Scott Johnson likes to take pictures, watch movies and play. On a job he meets business executive Josh Silvers who likes to give orders.

2007 – Snowball in Hell – Josh Lanyon
Journalist Nathan Doyle returns home from North Africa in 1943 recovering from wounds received in the Western Desert Campaign when he’s asked to cover the murder of a society blackmailer. Then the gay war correspondent meets a LAPD detective and sparks fly.

2007 – The Stallion and the Rabbit – Mike Shade
Reporter Alex is determined to follow a great race through the Shara, but he is kidnapped by a desert chieftan – can these very different men find enough common ground to last together?

2007 – The Brotherhood 11: Nothing Like Experience – Willa Okati
Gay Columnist Allen falls in love with a werewolf. 

2007 – Between Want and Need To – Kris Dylan
Gay Photographer Finn Dixon finds himself shooting a catalogue for a mail-order company in the mountains of Glacier National Park. On the shoot, he finds himself drawn to a gay set stylist.

2006 – Origami Striptease – Peggy Munson
Female bisexual journalist writes confessional columns for erotic publications.

2006 – The Zookeeper -- Alex MacLennan
Newscaster Tim McAllister is dating Sam Metcalfe, a zookeeper in Washington D.C.

2006 – Bleeding Hearts – Lindy Cameron
TV Host Rebecca Jones is a lesbian as well as the beautiful and very popular host of a TV show. She is receiving threatening messages and hires a PI to investigate.

2006 – Whitewater Rendezvous – Kim Baldwin
TV News Executive Megan Maxwell of World News Central is a workaholic who works out of Chicago for a national news station. When she reluctantly goes on a vacation to Alaska, she meets a laid-back outdoorswoman who wins her heart.

2005 – Light before Day – Christopher Rice
Journalist Adam Murphy works for a gay men’s magazine and loses his job just before uncovering a sensational story about a serial killer who preys on homosexual men.

2005 – Yacoubian Building – Alaa el-Aswany
Gay Editor Hatim Rasheed of Le Caire, a French language daily, is openly a homosexual in a society that either looks the other way or condemns such behavior.

2004 – Someone You Know – Gary Zebrun
Columnist Daniel Carouso works for a Providence newspaper and has a wife and daughter he loves deeply. But the men he has gay sex with usually end up dead and mutilated.

2004 – The Devil Wears Prada – Lauren Weisberger
Nigel is a very tall British gay man who serves as Runway’s creative director and frequently appears on TV as a fashion consultant.
James, a gay man at Runway magazine.
Jeffy, a gay man who oversees Runway’s famous “Closet.”

2004 – Closet Governor – Gary M. Perkins and Hal Stockbridge
Gay Reporter Michael Harrington knows first hand the new governor is a closeted gay man and he sees the story as his ticket onto the front page of his newspaper.

2004 – Contractor For Hire – C.N. Winters
Lesbian Magazine Publisher Melissa Wright moves back to her hometown and meets Builder Karen Riggs.

2004 – Naked Lies – E.P. Burke
Gay Reporter Randy is charged with the mysterious deaths of two teenage boys. His editor on the weekly newspaper in Taterville, Amos Grant, tries to prove his innocence.

2004 – Love, War & Techno: Babylon Lovegun 9/11 – Himadri Ghosh
Gay Reporter wants to bring the story of the history of the Iraqi people to the attention of the American people.

2004 -- Fingering the Family Jewels -- Greg Lilly
Handsome, hunky gay reporter Daniel helps Derek Mason unravel past secrets and lies when Mason arrives in Charlotte, North Carolina for the funeral of his aunt.

2003 – The Boyfriend – R. Raj Rao
Gay Journalist Yudi is forty-something and picks up a 19-year-old boy on a Saturday orning in alte 1992. After hurried sex, he gets rid of the boy afraid that he may be a hustler. But when riots break out in Mumbai, Yudi finds himself worrying about the boy. It seems he has fallen in love.

2003 – Bite – C.J. Tosh
Editor Torn at the financial magazine, Profit is the gay buddy of magazine writer Samantha, a posh writer for the showbiz weekly Star Face.

2003 – Grief – John B. Spencer
Lesbian Journalist.

2002 – Boyfriend Material – John Jeffrey
Editor-in-Chief Carson St. John of the trendy Throb magazine (the “gay guy’s Cosmo”).

2002 – The Snow Garden – Christopher Rice
Student Reporter Tim is a gay muckraker for his campus newspaper.

2001 – The Other Side of Mulholland – Stephen Randall
Columnist Tim Newman, a gay journalist, is hired to write for Hollywood Today, an up-and-coming Internet entertainment access web site. This position leads to a column syndicated in 200 newspapers and a hot TV star boyfriend.

2001 – Murder at Willow Slough – Josh Thomas
Gay Reporter Jamie Foster has a lot going for him. He’s young, blond and handsome with an exciting career as a journalist. Then his life falls apart.

2001 – Beware The Kiss – Alex J. Acker
Journalist Tayler Windquest is saved by a mysterious and beautiful neighbor from an assailant and realizes she is fascinated by the intensely private woman, Eric Kirsten-Laird – and not just as a journalist. She finds herself hopelessly in love with Erica.

2001 – He Kills Coppers – Jake Arnott
Tabloid Reporter Tony Meehan on the Sunday Illustrated is a gay journalist with a psychotic streak. He covers the brutal slaying of three policemen in west London and the scoop assures him his job. But reporting the crime awakens sinister urges that he’s unable to resist and soon Meehan is creating his own news.

2000 – Delancey’s Way – James McCourt
Reporter Delancey for the East Hampton Star is a gay reporter.

2000 – Blind Items – Matthew Rettenmund
Editor David Greer wants to make it in New York as a writer but instead edits a slew of porn magazines.

1999 – Change of Heart – Linda Hill
Lesbian Journalist is celebrating the publication of a hard-won story by going to a secluded lesbian bar. There she meets a supermodel who limits her encounters with women to secret trysts of one or two nightstands. After spending a passionate weekend with the woman, Cory is devastated when she wakes up to an empty bed. Weeks later, in a supermarket check-out line, Cory’s jaw drops when she sees an exquisite face on the cover of a fashion magazine – a face that looks vaguely familiar. Now Cory will risk everything to find her.

1998 – A Home at the End of the World – Michael Cunningham
Food Columnist Jonathan Glover is openly gay and lives in New York City. He dresses in leather and has random sex with men he meets at the movie theater, but he is lonely, introspective and unsure of himself. He is in love with Bobby, and with Clare in a romantic triangle. (Although he is shown in a newspaper office briefly, there is no reference to Glover being a food columnist in the film, just in the book.)

1997 – Gossip – Christopher Bram
Journalist Bill O’Connor of Washington D.C. is a closeted gay Republican who has an affair with a New York book store worker who lives in the East Village.

1997 – Resentment – Gary Indiana
Gay New York Reporter Seth is covering the trial of the teenaged Martinez brothers who stand accused of murdering their wealthy parents in an ambush slaying. Seth’s ex-lover, Jack, his taxi-driver, is slowly dying of AIDS.

1996 – And This Too Shall Pass – Harris E. Lynn
Freelance Sports Reporter Sean Elliott is gay.

1996 – The Death of Blue Mountain Cat – Michael Allen Dymmoch
A gay reporter tries to seduce a Chicago psychiatrist in the hopes of getting access to an AIDS hospice where Caleb works.

1996 – Quite Ugly One Morning – Christopher Brookmyre
Local Gay Journalist Duncan McLean is an old friend of Jack Parlabane, a hedonistic Scottish reporter

1995 – She Came By the Book – Mary Wings
Gay Reporter Rudolph Sharpe works for a mainstream newspaper and covers the riots following Harvey Milk’s murder.

1994 – Silent Heart – Claire McNab
Journalist Reyne Kendall is an acerbic, award-winning journalist, a self-made, irreverent and out as a lesbian. When she is asked to do an in-depth feature with a highly regarded academic whose book on Victorian erotic writing shoots to the top of the bestseller list, she finds herself attracted to the controlled, quiet academic writer.

1993 – Shot on Location – Stan Cutler
Journalist Mark Bradley is a young gay hack writer of celebrity bios.

1993 – No Man's Island – Anne Coombs (Australia)
Journalist Hannah Matthews' lover Teri commits suicide. Matthews is bisexual.

1992 – Love, Zena Beth – Diane Salvatore
New York City Journalist Joy Ecco, 22, finds love with the feminist playwright she idolizes.

1992 – The Lavender House Murder – Nikki Baker
Gay Newspaper Writer Joan Di Maio is killed because she engaged in the controversial practice of outing.

1992 – Introducing Amanda Valentine – Rose Beecham
Lesbian TV Reporter Debbie Daley is a glamorous blond who won’t leave Homicide Detective Amanda Valentine alone. She’s the highest ranked female cop in sleepy New Zealand.

1992 – On The Road Again – Elizabeth Dean
Magazine Journalist Ramsey Sears works for a prestigious lesbian magazine and journeys to lesbian communities around the country. She thinks her boss, Rita, is falling in love, but not with her. Her odyssey takes her to a holistic health ranch and this fast-food junkie finds herself sharing a room with Katy, a politically correct health fanatic.

1991 – Inconvenient Woman – Dominick Dunne
Gossip Columnist Cyril is gay and vicious.

1991 – Spiked – W. Stephan Gilbert
Entertainment Columnist-Feature Writer Sam Bone of The London Globe is a gay journalist.

1990 – Ice Wind and Fire – Mel Keegan (pseudonym - Britain)
Investigative Journalist Greg Farris and Photographer Alex Connor work for a London magazine and are lovers. They are on holiday in the Caribbean when they get caught up in murder, drug smuggling and sex slavery.

1989 – The Prosperine Papers – Jan Clausen
Journalist Prosperine is a freethinking, dashing young woman, a radical and labor sympathizer during the first world war and a lesbian.

1988 – Talk – Laura Van Wormer
TV Anchor Alexandra Waring is the DBS Network Anchor, a Diane Sawyer look-alike who is having a lesbian romance with a young starlet.

1988 – Bingo – Rita Mae Brown
Editor Nicole “Nickel” Smith is an avowed lesbian and editor of a newspaper.

1988 – As the Road Curves: Ramsey Takes Off – Elizabeth Dean
Magazine Journalist Ramsey Sears works for a prestigious lesbian magazine and journeys to lesbian communities around the country.

1987 – Always Anonymous Beast – Lauren Wright Douglas
TV Anchorwoman Val Frazier is being blackmailed because of her relationship with a lesbian feminist.

1985 – Pretensions – Sally Rinard
Editor Miles Chandler tries to hide his gay past while fighting a competitor for his job. In magazine is the New York fashion industry’s hottest publishing phenomenon.

1984 – Foreign Bodies – Barbara Harrison
Brooklyn-based Journalist and mother of a teen daughter is obsessed with her love for a beautiful homosexual East Indian artist.

1981 – Rockabye – Laird Koenig
Lesbian Tabloid Journalist is a courageous, headline-seeking reporter who helps a woman in her search for her abducted son in New York City and gets pushed down an elevator shaft for her troubles.

1977 – Angel Dance – M.F. Beal
Journalist Maria Katerina Lorca Guerrera Alcazar (Kat Guerrera) is the first Latina gay-lesbian detective. She is not a trained journalist, but at the beginning of the novel she is the primary contributor to the four-page, leftist news weekly published by her antiestablishment collective. Within the first 15 pages of the book, she is forced out of her collective and abandons her fleeting career in journalism.

1932 – Stamboul Train (Orient Express) – Graham Greene
Reporter Mabel Warren is a British, alcoholic, butch lesbian journalist.

(12 Titles)

2010 – Bass for Picasso – Kate Moira Ryan
Food Writer Francesca Danieli of the New York Times is an amputee who throws a dinner party for her friends recreating recipes (including the "Bass for Picasso" from the "Alice B. Toklas Cookbook." The guest list is populated with dyspeptic New Yorkers including Pilar, her multilingual art detective lover who has spent time in Guantanamo for visa problems; Bricka Matson, a lesbian widow with a small child and Republican in-laws who are trying to gain custody; Joe, an OB/GYN whose lover is a geographically challenged crystal meth addict; and Kev, a playwright who has recently fallen off the wagon and written a soon-to-open Off-Broadway play about all of them. "It's an insanely funny, irreverent 80-minute look at gay and lesbian life in the new millennium," says one reviewer.

The Kid – Michael Zam (book). Andy Monroe (music). Jack Lechner (lyrics)
Gay Sex Columnist Dan Savage wants to adopt a baby with his partner. Music is based on a true story.

2007 – The Reporter – Nicholas Wright
BBC TV Correspondent James Mossman is a handsome, rangy, brilliant TV Journalist who committed suicide. Mossman, who was a closeted gay, became involved with a younger man, a Canadian potter.

2007 – Kinderspiel – Kiran Rikhye
Lesbian Journalist Sonja Graff is a cutting-edge, trendsetting journalist. .

2006 – Bluebonnet Court – Zsa Zsa Gershick
Lesbian Journalist Helen Burke finds unexpected love and surprises at a roadside motel in World War II-era Texas. In 1944, Burke is driving from New York to Los Angeles to take a screenwriting job at MGM when she has a car accident after swerving to avoid a deer in the road. She ends up at the Bluebonnet Court motel as she waits for her car to be repaired and quickly falls for an African-American motel employee Orla Mae.

2005 – Guardians – Peter Morris
Hack Tabloid Journalist specializing in lurid human interest stories is a self-consciously stereotypical gay Englishman who wants to become a columnist for the Guardian.

2005 – Yank! (aka Yank! A New Musical) – David Zellnick
Gay War Reporter Stu falls in love with an army private. Journalist Artie of the magazine Yank offers Stu the job with Yanke Magazine, a World War II publication that grew to become the most widely read and most popular magazine in the history of the U.S. Army.

2005 – Eddie Paz’s Hex – J.B. Pravda
Lesbian Press Groupie is a lesbian reporter who is one of the characters in this one-act play

1995 – The Strip – Phyllis Nagy
Lesbian Journalist Kate Buck

1995 – There Will be No Goodbyes – Laura Dehart Young
Reporter attends a gay rights rally with a homophobic challenge when she meets alluring organizer Kate McGowan. Buddie soon becomes embroiled in Kate’s past and she must draw on all her reserves to contend with events.

1992 – Love, Zena Beth – Diane Salvatore
New York Journalist Joyce Ecco is 22 and idolizes feminist playwright Zena Beth Frazier who is 39. Joyce is petrified, if delighted, at a chance to interview the “gay goddess, a radical prophet pinup in some circles,” but Zena Beth proves more than receptive to her professional questions and her tremulous request for a date. Before long, Joyce betrays her longtime lover for trysts with her irresistible new companion.

1992 – Ruthless! The Musical – Marvin Laird, Joel Paley
Lesbian Journalist Emily Block from Modern Thespian.

1985 – Search for Signs – Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin
Radical Lesbian Journalist Edie’s newspaper is purchased by Rupert Murdoch.

1982 – Hormones – James Mellon (Australia)
Shy Journalist looks into a gay lifestyle.


(10 Titles)

2006 – V for Vendetta #1
Radio Broadcast Producer Roger Dascombe of "The Voice of Fate" is a gay journalist.

2005 – Truman Capote in Kansas
Journalist Truman Capote is an acknowledged gay man.

1998 – Jane’s World Paige Braddock,
Jane Wyatt is a hapless newspaper editor who has many strange adventures. She is a young lesbian woman living in a trailer with her roommate Ethan. She has worked at a variety of low-end to mid-level jobs and is currently employed as a reporter for a small newspaper.
Chelle used to be Jane’s girlfriend. In 2003, she blew her secret cover at the local newspaper and was revealed to be an operative of a private detective or intelligence agency and arranged for Jane to get her job at the newspaper.
(Created in 1991, put on the Internet in 1998, was printed as a comic strip in 2001 and went to comic book format in 2005.)

1995 – Preacher
Si Coltrane, gay freelance journalist, an investigative reporter by day, serial killer by night.

1994 – Fighting American #2-#4
Talk Show Producer Mary Loo, producer of "Flagg Waving" is a gay journalist.

1994 – Blade the Vampire Hunter #2
Journalists Tara Algren and Bethany Flynn of the Midnight Sun tabloid newspaper in New York City. An interracial lesbian couple who turn into vampires by the recently resurrected Dracula.

1992 – Nomad #14
Publisher Tobert Thaldron of Out and About Magazine, a cheap gay news magazine. Primary mission: outing homosexuals whether they want to be or not. Thaldron is eventually outed by others.

1988 – Secret Six – Action Comics Weekly
Tony Mantegna is a gay gossip columnist who lost his hearing and was given a headset to let him hear. A deaf former reporter, he is one of the new Secret Six.

1982 – Swamp Thing
Lizabeth “Liz: Tremayne, former celebrity TV journalist and famous lesbian writer. She's the investigative reporter/host for “In-Depth Magazine,” a TV tabloid news show. She wrote about the Swamp Thing. Liz and her boyfriend Dr. Dennis Barclay went into hiding when threatened.

1980 – Green Lantern, Volume 2, #129-#137
Magazine Intern and High School Student Terry Berg works for Feast Magazine and is gay.

(2 Titles)

2004 –
Columnist Oscar Cherniak (Shawn Erker) of Truth ‘n’ Rumours comes out about his bisexuality.

2003 – Afterglow (Australia)
Lesbian Journalist Andrea Vicente started working on newspapers and now is an internationally recognized journalist who works on a top-rated current affairs show. The tough, fast-talking journalist also wrote a best-selling book on a psychopathic rapist.


1997 – Powers of Two – Barry Truax
Journalist (mezzo-soprano) is trying to pursue a career in a man’s world, but is also trying to hide being a lesbian.


2007 – Reporter Zero
Gay Journalist Randy Shilts’ groundbreaking AIDs reporting and the struggles he faced trying to get the nation and his community to recklon with the devastating truth about the disease.