THE IJPC JOURNAL is an online academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review. Its purpose is to further the mission of the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture Project to investigate and analyze, through research and publication, the conflicting images of journalists in every aspect of popular culture, from film, television, radio, fiction, commercials, cartoons, comic books to music, art, humor and video games – demonstrating their impact on the public’s perception of journalist. The IJPC Journal is an interdisciplinary journal that, while centered in journalism, is open to contributions from many disciplines and research approaches, using a variety of methods and theoretical perspectives. Original investigation is expected, as well as clear, lucid writing and presentation. Manuscripts are now being accepted. Contact Joe Saltzman .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

RECOMMENDED BOOKS, ARTICLES AND WEB SITES. The most comprehensive, up-to-date source on the image of the journalist in popular culture including film, television, radio, fiction, art and music. Updated: 10-2019

THE IMAGE OF THE JOURNALIST IN POPULAR CULTURE (IJPC) DATABASE© includes more than 90,000 items on journalists, public relations practitioners and media.
The IJPC Database includes print journalists (from large urban newspapers to small country weeklies, including editors, reporters, photojournalists, correspondents, columnists, publishers, newsboys), broadcast journalists (from networks to local stations including reporters, anchors, correspondents, producers, writers, technical personal, news directors, station owners, network executives and management), public relations practitioners (from press agents to publicists), and the news media (anonymous reporters who show up in countless films and television movies ranging from press conferences to packs of reporters shouting questions or chasing after the main character to individual reporters asking questions). The Database can be referenced by year, title, type, occupation and author. As one scholar put it, “I don’t see how anyone can write anything in this field without referring to the database. There is nothing like it and it is an indispensable reference.”

IJPC STUDENT RESEARCH PAPERS. Articles on the image of the journalist in popular culture including film, television, radio, fiction art and music easily available for viewing. Updated: 1-2015

IJPC ASSOCIATES: Become an IJPC Associate and receive 11 exclusive IJPC videos: Heroes and Scoundrels in Popular Culture Project 40-hour video, The Image of the Journalist in Silent Film, 1890 to 1919, The Image of the Washington Journalist in Movies and Television, 1932 to 2013, The Image of the Public Relations Practitioner in Movies and Television, 1901 to 2011, The Image of the Gay Journalist in Movies and Television, 1929-2009, The Image of the War Correspondent in Movies and Television, 1931-2007, Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies, The Image of the Broadcast Journalist in Movies and Television, 1937-2006, Real-Life Journalists in Movies and Television, 1939-2003,: Sob Sisters: The Image of the Female Journalist, 1929-2003 and Hollywood Looks at the News, 1914-2007. All details and membership form included.

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Syllabus for The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture, USC Annenberg School class -- Journalism 375/Communication 372 -- Four Units -- Fall 2002. Consists of 28 classes with 28 video documentaries especially edited for the class representing more than 60 hours of video including multiple excerpts from nearly 650 films and television titles. More than 1,000 items were viewed and analyzed. Syllabus runs 188 pages and it is divided into Instructor, Class Schedule, Suggested Reading, Glossary, and Download the PDF.

IJPC NEWS NOTES: Interesting items concerning the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture. Includes new feature Journalism in the Movies written by Paul Schindler.




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IJPC Needs Your Help. Click here for a list of films we still are attempting to locate as part of our research for the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture project. The films are listed first alphabetically and then by year of release. If anyone knows of sources for any of these titles (including video and film sources, as well the availability of copies in archives), please contact Dr. Richard Ness, Associate Director of the IJPC, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Any assistance is greatly appreciated.