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Founding Editors
Matthew C. Ehrlich
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sammye Johnson
Trinity University
Joe Saltzman
University of Southern California
Editorial Board
Maurine H. Beasley
University of Maryland
Bonnie Brennen
Marquette University
Katherine Foss
Middle Tennessee State University
Mary-Lou Galician
Arizona State University
Loren Ghiglione
Northwestern University
Howard Good
SUNY, New Paltz
Norma Fay Green
Columbia College, Chicago
Brian McNair
Queensland University of Technology
Richard Ness
Western Illinois University
Radhika Parameswaran
Indiana University
Karen Miller Russell
University of Georgia
Barbie Zelizer
University of Pennsylvania

University of Southern California

The IJPC Journal

The IJPC Journal is an online academic journal that adheres to the highest standards of peer review. Its purpose is to further the mission of the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture Project to investigate and analyze, through research and publication, the conflicting images of journalists in every aspect of popular culture, from film, television, radio, fiction, commercials, cartoons and comic books to music, art, humor and video games – demonstrating their impact on the public’s perception of journalists.

Volume 6 - Fall 2015

Table of Contents

Welcome From the Editors Welcome From the Editors
Matthew C. Ehrlich, Sammye Johnson, Joe Saltzman pp.i-iii


"His Women Problem": An Analysis of Gender on "The Newsroom" Abstract Painter-Ferrucci
Chad Painter, Patrick Ferrucci pp.1-30
A Sensationalistic Press: The Image of Journalists in Billy Wilder's Films Abstract Peña-Fernández
Simón Peña-Fernández pp.31-65
"Peepli Live" and "No One Killed Jessica": Remediating the “Bollywoodization” of Indian TV News Abstract Khorana
Sukhmani Khorana pp.66-97


"Roman Holiday"'s 15 Journalists: The Faces and Stories Behind the Final Scene in William Wyler’s Film Abstract Tedeschini-Lalli
Mario Tedeschini-Lalli pp.98-115

Teaching Essay

The Reel World: Women’s Film Portrayals as Reflectors of Journalistic Practices and Social Mores Abstract Johnson
Sammye Johnson pp.116-147

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