V For Vendetta (2005)

TYPE: Movies

FORMAT: DVD 23022. 18207 IJPC Drobo 1. DVD -R HQ 9611, 9612, 9613

AUTHOR: Moore, Alan and David Lloyd (Graphic Novel)


Tv Journalist Evey (Natalie Portman) is rescued from the secret police in a fascist futuristic Britain by the mysterious revolutionary V (Hugo Weaving) and soon finds herself his staunchest ally in his fight against tyranny.

News Media. News Anchor (Adrian Finighan). BTN News Poppets (Megan Gay, Roderic Culver). Civil War News Poppet (Dulcie Smart). Water Shortage News Poppet (Ben Posener). Avian Flu News Poppet (Ian T. Dickinson). Quarantine News Poppet (Sophia New).Three Waters News Poppet (Julie Brown). Radio Man (William Tapley). Government-controlled TV anchors on the British Television Network who report what the government tells them to.TV Executive (Brin Rosser). Studio Technician (Raife Patrick Burchell)

UPDATED: 08-19-2015