Fettered for Life, or, Lord and Master: A Story of To-Day (1874)

TYPE: Novels


AUTHOR: Blake, Lillie Devereux


Reporter for the New York Trumpeter, Frank Heywood, is a female cross-dresser masquerading as a male reporter. The female reporter successfully keeps her disguise a secret.On page 364, Frank reveals to Laura that he is really not a man, but a woman. "Laura," he said, "I am so much attached to you -- I trust you so entirely, that I think I can confide in you." "I hope so, Frank;" looking at him in surprise. "Have you never guessed my secret?" he asked, turning upon her the full light of those strange eyes; "you have told me more than once that I was like a brother to you, if you had said a sister, it would have been nearer the truth." Laura regarded her companion for a moment with an astonished gaze; then a hundred little circumstances rushed to her memory -- "You are a woman!" she cried, clapping her hands in delight; "that is glorious!" and she caught Frank around the neck with a hearty kiss. The young journalist looked really happy, and laughed light heartedly. "It is rather a large practical joke isn't it! Sometimes I keenly enjoy it." Page 365: "It's grand!" cried Laura; "Perfectly grand! To think of you being one of the editors of

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